Onesight launches #Unblur campaign for World Sight Day 2016

Onesight launches #Unblur campaign for World Sight Day 2016

World Sight Day is an annual day of awareness held on the second Thursday of October to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. In honor of World Sight Day 2016 (October 13) OneSight is igniting a global movement to #UNBLUR Life and help the world see and live better.


Imagine if you couldn’t see well enough to succeed in school, work a decent job to provide for your family or read a book to your children. One in seven people around the world (1.1 billion inhabitants of our planet) don’t have to imagine. They live without clear sight every day because they can’t get and eye exam or a pair of glasses. For them, life is a blur.

The vision care crisis is a global problem that doesn’t just impact lesser developed countries. In just the U.S., one in four students has an undiagnosed vision problem significant enough to impact their academic performance. Yet, according to a new study commissioned by OneSight and Wakefield Research which examined Americans’ perception of undiagnosed vision impairment, only 35% of Americans realize this issue exists, much less in their own back yards.

According to the research, while they may not be aware of how many people in the U.S can’t receive an eye exam or pair of glasses, Americans can imagine the practical and emotional consequences of lacking access to clear vision. When asked what issues they may face if they had visual problems that kept them from seeing clearly, 60% said that they would lose their independence and many fear that it would impact several aspects of their life, including being less productive at work or school (41%), earning a living (43%) or facing new medical issues (31%). Respondents also believed they would feel limited (41%), depressed (34%) or helpless (33%).

OneSight - a global nonprofit sponsored and founded by Luxottica - is committed to making access to clear vision a reality through immediate and long-term solutions for those in need around the world.

Furthering its mission, in honor of World Sight Day 2016, OneSight is leading the global movement to solve the vision care crisis with the launch of #UNBLUR campaign, a digital movement that unites people around the world to show first-hand what lack of access to vision care looks like and how a pair of glasses can have a life-changing impact.

OneSight is igniting a global movement to #UNBLUR Life by raising advocacy and funds to help provide eye exams and glasses to the 1.1 billion people across the world who need glasses, but lack access. OneSight is encouraging everyone to join #UNBLUR through a variety of digital and social initiatives, including support from Luxottica’s Retail Brands.

If you wish to be a part of the global conversation and learn how you can #UNBLUR Life for someone in need visit

Published on Oct 12 2016