Operations Talent Program: work and training at the heart of Luxottica

Operations Talent Program: work and training at the heart of Luxottica

Applications are now open for students and recent graduates to join the Operations Talent Program within Luxottica Operations.

Operations Talent Program: work and training at the heart of Luxottica

This year, the program is relaunching with an exciting new format. It has been redesigned and specifically structured to attract young international talent from the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) who want to grow in a global and constantly evolving environment.

The aim of the program is to offer an important opportunity for professional insertion in the heart of Luxottica's Operations, our Agordo headquarters. Agordo is known as Luxottica’s stimulating, forward-looking, and dynamic environment, brimming with highly-skilled professionals with different expertise collaborating together in a global arena. In fact, Luxottica firmly believes that in order for the sector to succeed, it is necessary to nurture the best minds in the technological field, which is why it has chosen to invest in the training of multicultural profiles, with different experiential backgrounds and the right mindset to drive change with strong added-value.

The two-year course develops people in two distinct phases. The first, the Academy, takes place over the course of six months and aims to consolidate technical knowledge in the industrial field, starting from the product, as well as developing soft and transversal skills such as Agile Project Management. Particularly outstanding participants will be offered a real assignment at a later stage, during which they will have the opportunity to benefit from an individual development plan. During this time, they will work on an innovative project within their current function to be presented to the Leadership Team at the end of the second phase.

During the whole period, participants will be able to work closely with their function leaders on a daily basis. Refresher sessions, in collaboration with Luxottica University, will be available throughout the entire program to provide personal development and a deep-dive into the corporate culture. Participating in the program means being at the heart of an innovation process in a technologically advanced, one-of-a-kind industry, and having the opportunity to be exposed daily to the different souls of an ever-expanding global reality.

At the end of the Operations Talent Program, participants will have the chance to play a key role within the Luxottica Operations world in one of the international Operations Hubs – acting as a driving force within an ever-evolving and innovative leading company in the sector.

“Entering Luxottica's Operations means discovering the roots of a forward-thinking, global-scale operating company. Here, day after day, competent and passionate teams create excellent products, merging know-how with the most innovative technologies. This is an environment that enhances cultural diversity, ideal for young professionals who want to challenge themselves within a dynamic and internationally-oriented context and learn from colleagues who work in the heartbeat of a global leader,” commented Giorgio Striano, Chief Operating Officer at Luxottica.

The selection process is open until 23th April, click here to send your application.

Published on Mar 22 2021