An opportunity at the very heart of Product Design

An opportunity at the very heart of Product Design

Luxottica's Product Design team is home to an international environment for curious and creative minds, fashion enthusiasts, and new trends.

An opportunity at the very heart of Product Design

As one of the most important European design hubs, its beating heart is in the Group's corporate headquarters in Milan. The team expands across nine cities on four different continents: from Milan to the Dolomites, Los Angeles to New York, São Paulo to Tokyo and Hong Kong. Focused on researching and forecasting trends, the team develops new materials and colors, creative experimentation and a strategic vision to build the collections that comprise Luxottica’s rich brand portfolio.

Joining the Product Design team means having the opportunity to design the latest eyewear collections of some of the most iconic and desired brands in the world. A young and fresh community of creatives, the team is a hotbed of stimuli and relationships which nurture constant learning while merging art with innovation. The final product is immersed in the daily lives of as many people as possible, defining their style allowing their identity to truly shine.

Creating a new model

The concept for each collection begins several months before the boutique release, revealing contemporary and engaging brand stories: the result of careful planning so nothing is left to chance, from interpreting trends to storytelling of the products.  Our designers take inspiration from catwalks, a single detail, a piece of jewelry, a material, or by reintroducing an icon of the past or piece from the archives in a reinterpreted key. Regardless of the initial spark, the fuel feeding the process is always the same: great passion for the product. This is why Luxottica recruits people with extensive skills, sensitivity to style and a strong desire to continue learning each day with humility and respect for traditions – those fueled by an entrepreneurial drive and the courage to look beyond what others cannot even imagine.

The internship program  

The Product Design internship program is a six-month training course that includes briefing sessions with the Product Development team for the conception, storytelling and design of exclusive models for special collaborations of Luxottica portfolio brands, both proprietary and licensed, as well as the creation of mood boards, 2D and 3D renderings and sharing creative ideas.  An internship in the Product Design team offers the opportunity to be supported by a senior figure, allowing young designers to better orient themselves among technical and non-technical skills, and work alongside a "buddy” who offers the chance to discuss all daily aspects of the Luxottica world. This support is combined with round tables as moments of inspiration and sharing where colleagues from various departments recount their journey within the Group: an opportunity for discussions, networking, and getting to know the company from within.

You can apply for this internship opportunity here: (MI)-PRODUCT-DESIGN-INTERNSHIP-PROGRAM-Mila/681877901/

The aim of the program is to involve the "designers of the future”, young professionals able to innovate and improve the Luxottica design landscape, giving them the opportunity to grow within a unique, leading company in the eyewear sector.  Luxottica is looking for the best young designers full of curiosity, who have a critical sense, storytelling skills, are quick on their feet, full of energy, with whom we can write a new page of this success story together, one step at a time.

Published on Jun 24 2021