Pearle Vision Features Tennis Legend and Cultural Icon Billie Jean King in Latest Campaign

Friday, July 27, 2018 - 4:45pm

Brand continues “Small Moments” campaign with introduction to “Olivia”

MASON, Ohio, July 27, 2018 – Pearle Vision once again hopes to capture the hearts and minds of North America with an emotionally-driven advertising campaign.

“Olivia” launches August 6, casting an indelible light on the brand’s commitment to quality of care and how patient-trust is earned as a result. The film tells the story of Olivia, a young girl exploring a myriad of interests ranging from sports to space. Clearly passionate about everything she does, as her story unfolds it becomes clear to her mom and to the viewer that Olivia isn’t seeing clearly.

In the film, we see Olivia and her mom in the exam room at Pearle Vision. As the story unfolds, and it becomes clear that Olivia needs glasses, the Pearle Vision optometrist knows just how to help Olivia find her perfect pair. She presents Olivia with a photo that elicits an immediate reaction of joy because the optometrist did more than diagnose Olivia’s visual acuity issue during the exam, she took the time to learn about Olivia’s unique interests (tennis, archery and space travel), all of which the young girl celebrates at home in her room with an inspiration board titled “Women Who Made History.”

And that photo, we learn, is an iconic glasses-wearing heroine to add to her board — Billie Jean King, wearing a near identical pair of frames that Olivia now wears. Olivia’s new glasses are now more than just a tool to see clearly, they are a proud connection to the women that inspire her each and every day.

“I’m excited to be included in the new Pearle Vision campaign,” said Billie Jean King.
“When I was young I was told I could never be no. 1 in the world because I wore glasses and that was one of the things that motivated me to become the best I could be. I applaud Pearle Vision for their message of encouragement, reinforcing that wearing glasses can help you achieve your dreams.”

Thanks to the genuine, personalized care and attention from the optometrists at her neighborhood Pearle Vision, Olivia heads home with more than just the ability to once again explore the world with 20/20 vision. She proudly heads home wearing her “perfect pair” that we come to learn creates an even deeper connection to what and who inspires Olivia.

“What ‘Olivia’ instills is incredibly positive. It’s an emotional connection to a young child who is now better prepared to reach her potential – clear vision can help you achieve what you want in life,” said Doug Zarkin, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Pearle Vision. “There is no mistaking what feeling Olivia has after visiting the optometrist at Pearle Vision. She is empowered and fully embracing her new eyewear.”

Developed by Energy BBDO and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Elle Ginter whose resume includes visual storytelling successes for several leading global brands, “Olivia” taps into a core Pearle Vision brand differentiator – delivering care to patients beyond a routine eye exam to ensure each patient receives personalized care that takes the whole individual into account.
“Oliva” continues Pearle Vision’s advertising strategy to depict the “Small Moments” that form trusting relationships between the brand’s eye doctors and patients. Its first storydriven campaign of this type, “Ben’s Glasses” earned industry accolades including a 2017 Silver Clio Award.

Launched during Super Bowl Sunday 2017, “Ben’s Glasses” evolved out of a Pearle Vision study that showed trust is at an all-time low and that personal connections are the most important thing in establishing trust, including patients’ trust with their doctors.

Set against this backdrop, consumers responded positively to the message of care in “Ben’s Glasses,” which showed to increase brand consideration 23 percent, exam scheduling 18 percent and supported positive comp sales growth. This trend continues into 2018, as the brand is currently seeing a 35 percent increase in exams scheduled.

“Olivia” aims to build on this momentum. The ad will appear in a North American campaign that includes streaming platforms, digital media, spot and cable to support both corporate and franchise Pearle Vision locations throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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Published on Jul 27 2018