Persol Calligrapher Edition is an exclusive collection inspired by modern calligraphy that celebrates the art in the most sophisticated of manual skills with light, elegant designs.


Calligraphy is an ancient art that teaches us how to write in an elegant and harmonious way. It requires skilled hands, attention to the minutest detail as well as lots of passion.

There is a strong link between the art of calligraphy and the excellence of Persol’s handmade in Italy.

The first element is the uniqueness of each creation. Every pair of glasses – just like each word carefully crafted – is an exclusive and original work of art and the result of lengthy and meticulous craftsmanship.

The second common element is the ability to reinvent itself in a modern key, while remaining faithful to tradition. In an era where images and touch screens seem to have taken over, calligraphy has evolved into a refined form of personal expression. Research and stylistic innovation have always been an intrinsic part of Persol’s DNA, which shines through in the contemporary reinterpretation of its iconic elements, the colours and materials rediscovered in the brand’s archives.

The elective affinities between these two worlds have been fused together to create Persol Calligrapher Edition, a collection inspired by the art of twenty-first century calligraphers, where personality and style are expressed with a contemporary edge, thanks to handicraft skills and know-how, both in the written gesture and the collection’s design.

The original frames combine metal and acetate to create a front section that is as light as a calligrapher’s hand. The metal bridge and temples are decorated with incisions that celebrate the hallmarks of Persol.

The four new models – optical frames (PO3167V; PO3168V) and sunglasses (PO3166S; PO3165S) - whose shape is inspired by the classic Phantos shape, come in a variety of exclusive colour hues which combine refined acetates taken from the Persol archives and innovative metallic shades.

The protagonist of the Persol Calligrapher Edition communication campaign is Paul Antonio, one of the official calligrapher of the Royal Office in London. Elite member among the greatest talents of contemporary calligraphy, his career is studded with prestigious collaborations including the Metropolitan Museum of New York. 

Published on Nov 17 2016