Persol Titanium Collection Spring 2021

Monday, May 3, 2021 - 12:00pm

Persol presents the second edition of the Japanese-made Titanium Collection, introducing the theme of colour, and with the utmost elegance and creativity expands its range of sunglasses and optical glasses made exclusively from this material of incomparable durability and lightness.

The collection consists of six vintage-style models and once again stands out for the sophistication of the artisan craftsmanship: in fact, the slender titanium frames consist of a combination of two layers of different colours, metallic and matt, for an original and elegant effect. The models are further refined with the iconic Freccia and Meflecto details, engraved into the structure of the glasses, and Guilloché processing on the bridge and temples. Titanium was chosen because of its incredible durability and lightness, but is very difficult to work with during the various processing phases. A specific technology was adopted which in Japan has been developed according to the principles of ‘Shokunin’, a concept based on artisan expertise dedicated to the quest for perfection.

The colour palette is rich and particularly sophisticated with metallic nuances ranging from the silver grey of titanium to gold and rose gold shades, paired with white, black, grey and brown and a variety of crystal lenses in different colours.



Square titanium sunglasses. Vintage inspiration with rounded corners and double bridge. Handcrafted in every detail, the model has rims which are internally doubled with a layer of different-coloured titanium for an original and sophisticated look.
The brand’s iconic details, the Persol Freccia and Meflecto, are engraved into the structure of the glasses, which are enriched with Guilloché processing on the bridge and temples.
The model comes in various combinations of metallic shades and coloured lenses: silver and gold with light blue lenses; silver and black with smoke grey lenses; brown and gunmetal with grey gradient lenses; matt black and gold with green lenses; gold and brown with brown polarised lenses.


Two-tone rectangular titanium sunglasses. Vintage inspiration with rounded corners and internal rims doubled in a different colour. The precision artisanship is underlined by the iconic Persol details, Freccia and Meflecto, which are engraved
into the frames, and the temples and bridge refined with Guilloché processing.
Available in various combinations of metallic shades and crystal lenses for an undeniably elegant look. The following variants are available: brown and gunmetal with light grey lenses; silver and black with smoke grey lenses; gold and silver with
light blue gradient lenses; matt black and gold with green lenses; gold and brown with dark green polarised lenses.


Vintage inspiration for these square sunglasses made entirely from titanium with Persol’s customary artisan savoir faire. The frames are slender with rounded corners and Guilloché processing on the bridge and temples, while the rims are internally doubled with a layer of titanium in a contrasting colour. The iconic Persol symbols, Freccia and Meflecto, are engraved into the structure of the model. There are five elegant combinations of metallic colours and crystal lenses: gold and silver with smoke grey lenses; silver and black with light blue lenses; brown and gunmetal with dark green lenses; matt black and gold with light green lenses; gold and silver with brown polarised lenses.



Vintage-inspired titanium optical model. This light and durable model has a double bridge and rims made with two layers of titanium in different shades.
The precision artisan craftsmanship highlights the richness of the details: Persol Freccia and Meflecto, the iconic symbols of the brand, are engraved into the structure of the glasses, while the bridge and the temples are refined with Guilloché processing.
Equipped with nose pads and flexible temples to guarantee the perfect fit, this model comes in four stylish colour combinations: polished gold and silver; silver and black; brown and gunmetal; matt black and gold.


Vintage inspiration for these rectangular glasses with rounded corners. Made entirely  from titanium, the model has double rims with a second layer in a different colour for a subtly elegant effect. The iconic Freccia and Meflecto details are engraved into the temples which, like the bridge, are enriched with Guilloché processing.
The glasses come in the following versions: gold and silver; silver and black; brown and gunmetal; matt black and gold.


Two-tone titanium optical model. This vintage design with an intellectual air is underlined by the slender structure which combines lightness and durability.
Handcrafted, the model has internal rims doubled with a layer in a different colour, a detail that enhances its elegance. Freccia and Meflecto, icons of the Persol style, are engraved into the frames which are also refined on the temples and bridge with Guilloché processing. Comfortable to wear, the model is available in four sophisticated shades: brown and anthracite; silver and gold; gold and black; black and silver.

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Published on May 03 2021