PRADA JOURNAL: changes in sight

PRADA JOURNAL: changes in sight

The Prada Journal literary prize calls on writers from around the world to “investigate” changing scenarios through eyewear, exploring signs and implications

PRADA JOURNAL: changes in sight

What better way to describe the future than by “visualizing” it? The signs are all here today: we just need to “see” them. At first sight, the details may appear unimportant. But if we look at them through the right lens, their strength is revealed and we get a glimpse of the ideas, stories and protagonists of tomorrow.

Keen observers, experts at picking out details and using words to describe them, can showcase their talents by entering the Prada Journal literary prize, sponsored by Prada and Italian publisher Giangiacomo Feltrinelli. “The essential is before our eyes”, so the challenge goes. How can we capture it? A fundamental tool for exploring the world around us and picking up key indicators is Prada Journal optical eyewear, produced by Luxottica.

Launched in 2013 as a way of bringing together the worlds of fashion and literature, Prada Journal gives young writers from around the globe the chance to reflect on different themes. Now in its second year, Prada Journal is asking: “What are the signs of a changing world? And what situations can we envision? Taking a good look at the details might give us the answer.”

The ability to observe, evaluate and reflect is crucial for any writer. For this reason, Prada Journal also lends its name to an eyewear collection produced by Luxottica. The collection is inspired by unstinting research into detail – the new designs feature a 5-point hinge for the first time ever – exquisite craftsmanship and the finest possible materials. There are two new designs:


VPR 02R – For men

Gentle curves and fine profiles: the new Prada Journal optical glasses for men boast ultra-lightweight finished acetate frames for a clean-cut, classic look. Available in Black, Matte Black and Tortoiseshell (grey and streaked). Prada logo lettering.

VPR 04R – For women

Essential, streamlined design is the standout feature of these optical glasses for women from the Prada Journal collection. The acetate profiles are slimmer over the bridge and arms in this ultra-lightweight, feminine model. Available in Black and Tortoiseshell (classic, pale, black and grey). Prada logo lettering.

The competition was launched on April 11th and will close on June 11th. For details and further information, visit

Published on May 12 2014