An icon born five years ago on the Prada catwalk is celebrated and updated in a special new collection of MINIMAL BAROQUE sunglasses. Rooted in both tradition and innovation, Prada moves forward by constantly cultivating contrast: the banal turns precious, basic is made brave and beautiful, exaggeration becomes essential. MINIMAL BAROQUE extends those principles to the realm of eyewear.


Launched in 2011, these spirited sunglasses quickly gained iconic status. Their bold curves are unmistakable in origin, and a new collection celebrates the combination of creative experimentation and meticulous craftsmanship they represent while advancing Prada’s unique vision.

MINIMAL BAROQUE gives new life to the flowers and foliage motifs that grew wild in the Baroque period: one of art history’s most exuberant eras. Stylized plant life — acanthus leaves, laurel branches, palm fronds — is abstracted into scrolling garlands that bud and branch into the defining curve of elegantly exaggerated sunglasses.

In each of the three new MINIMAL BAROQUE styles, ornate and intricate motifs of the past are refined into a single, streamlined gesture. Integrated within the frames of sunglasses, this flourish becomes at once decorative and functional, dimensional and flat, fanciful and realistic.


This style is MINIMAL BAROQUE at the height of its ornamental power, enriched by hand-applied flourishes of metal. The oversized frames, with a double bridge and gleaming hinges, evoke the exquisite symmetry of butterfly’s wings, while the boldly curving temples captivate with spirals and stars for a distinctly feminine allure. Available in five colorways, the palette of neutral hues — Black, Tortoise, and Ivory — is enlivened by vibrant Red and Spotted Tortoise.


A reinterpretation of the iconic original, this redesigned style is defined by its deliberate contrasts and playfully wide profile. Layering nuanced tones with solid-colored acetate for a striking bas-relief effect, the silhouette gains further dimension from artful asymmetry and elaborate curves: a visual echo to the rounded lenses. Available in three colorways, the palette combines Tortoise and Black with Ivory or Red.


Completing the celebration is a freshly sophisticated interpretation of the original model. This new style, in glossy acetate, is MINIMAL BAROQUE at its most refined. Retaining the classic, clean-lined front, its oversized round frames are animated by curling temples made more memorable by a bas-relief effect in two-tone acetate. Available in four colorways, the palette includes Black and Tortoise with Spotted Tortoise, Ivory, and a flash of Red at the temples.

The MINIMAL BAROQUE special collection is available in Prada boutiques and through select high-end retailers.

Published on Nov 10 2016