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Protecting The Environment

The responsible management of environmental topics is strategic for Luxottica. The technological innovations and constant investments aimed at improving activities and processes have made the entire value chain increasingly more sustainable, in terms of water and energy consumption, CO2 emissions, management and recycling of discards and waste.

The first major projects, mainly aimed at reducing atmospheric emissions, were launched in the early 2000s while in 2010* Luxottica adopted a Health, Safety, Environmental and Energy policy that applies to all Group employees and workers and is founded on four primary objectives:

1. protecting the environment, preventing and reducing accidents and injuries;
2. developing a culture centered on health, safety and environmental management;
3. respecting the requirements of applicable laws;
4. continuously improving the environmental and energy management systems.

In this respect, Luxottica’s attention to  the environment involves investments in the best low environmental impact technologies and increasingly effective production processes, guaranteeing a more efficient and responsible use of energy and natural resources.

*Last updated in June 2018


A key part of Luxottica’s environmental policy is the environmental management, energy, and health and safety system certifications that Luxottica has strived to adopt in all of its sites and offices across the world since 2011.

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The responsible management of environmental topics

From the definition and implementation of policies and initiatives aimed at reducing the main environmental impacts to investments in industrial technologies with a low environmental impact, from the use of clean energy to a responsible and efficient use of resources, to the reduction and recovery of waste materials, everything is about sustainability.

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