Ray-Ban 2020: original style icons for a new decade

Thursday, July 16, 2020 - 2:30pm

Confident, expressive and natural, Ray-Ban 2020 is all about eyewear design that goes beyond how you look to make sure you are always your truest self.

With a glance to the past and an eye on the future, considering the eyewear product an enabler of the self and never just an accessory, Ray-Ban is dedicated to one thing and one thing only, empowering future makers and culture creators everywhere to express their fearless and most authentic selves.

This year the world’s favorite brand brings some of its most legendary designs out of the archives and back into the limelight.But it’s not only about the archives. Fast-forward from the world of icons and Ray-Ban comes up with new retro-futuristic wrap shapes and light, color-shifting shades that are made to play.

Ray-Ban 2020 is here. Are you ready?


Bold, Brave, and never-out-of-style. Worn with pride by the heroes of the past and high-flyers of today, the Aviator made Ray-Ban the world’s best-known eyewear brand in history. Originally designed in the 30s to protect military pilots from glare while ensuring a clear field of vision, this year the concept of advanced vision clarity gets a kick of contemporary style with three new polar lenses in solid shades of black, blue and burgundy.


An iconic free-spirit style is back from the 70’s, bigger and better than ever. Reinventing gold, Legend gold or super-sleek silver metal wire profiles with premium crystal lenses in cool clear gradient, mirror or gradient polar shades, this model comes from the vault to roar at life’s challenges in style.


Anything but standard: from whatever angle you look at it, this geometric frame is hard to miss. Evolving a sun collection protagonist on optical, the light wire frame blends minimalist style with a statement octagonal shape to prove that being smart is always cool.


The Frank, a 90’s protagonist, makes a comeback with gold mark icon status and totally vintage vibes. Designed to add a fun edge to any look, this easy to wear soft-angle frame comes in legend gold or silver and modern black with a wide selection of original crystal lens colors and classic polar shades, vintage Ray-Ban gold lens logos add old school appeal on selected lenses’ combinations.


This minimal wire-frame style proves that smart doesn’t have to be bold to make a statement: Introducing Frank. Inspired by a 90’s star sun style, the smooth soft-angle shape comes in tones of Legend gold, cool gunmetal, shiny black or silver with stylish transparent acetate temple tips for a contemporary look with super versatile, always-on appeal.


Building on an unmistakable profile, a chunky retro-cool brow and quirky angles make State Street the hottest new look. Playing-up vintage colors with a throwback tone, eleven cool colorways pair light or striped havanas or fresh color-over-transparent bi-layer frames with a wide range of gradient, solid or polar lenses, trademark metal letter logos and iconic rivets add a signature finish.


From the coolest wire frame to a statement shape and every shade in between, this 70’s legend is always-on. Made to stand-out from the crowd and fit-in with your mood, gold, Legend gold or silver frames and a whole range of crystal lenses – including cool gradient and glare-banishing polar shades – give its sleek profile truly effortless style, signature Havana or transparent temple tips and vintage gold logos on the classic G15lenses add an original Ray-Ban finish.


Real icons never fail to surprise. Updating vintage textures and iconic lens colors, bright pop colors and colorful crystal undertones reinvent the rock ‘n roll energy of the original Ray-Ban Wayfarer with contemporary attitude. Choose from classic or light Havana on transparent brown or yellow, or black/transparent, red/transparent grey and blue/white frames for a more colorful, pop culture look.


Taking a highline on optical style, a Ray-Ban model inspired to the past is back in action: The Olympian IX. Reworking the unique high-brow metal shape, a super-fluid bar-to-temple design and new deeper squared lens shape make sure this look always comes first, classic gold, silver, black or brown metal make it as cool as it gets.


Confident, casual and made to move, low-profile high-impact design make this streamlined style the freshest look on the block. Made of light nylon fiber, the smooth wrapped shape frames streetwear attitude that is always on the look-out for some fun. Twelve different colorways, with trendy colorful transparencies, new gradient tones and stylish light gradient or iconic blue shades, make sure it’s for everyone.


Original Ray-Ban style means the kind of cool that never gives up – and this wide-fit wrapped shape is all about hype. Available in twelve different color-lens combos, with vibrant turquoise, light red, blue and grey, or stand-out white, black or Havana frames and colorful gradient and dark lens shades, the dynamic angles of this look pack street-smart attitude for individuals with on-the-move attitude.


Revamping a rare icon from the 70’s and relaunched in the 90’s, the Nomad travels through time. With its bold square shape, extra-deep curved endpieces and wide temples, this style is literally one of a kind. Go with classic shiny black or havana frames and iconic blue or green polar crystal shades, or lighten up the look with striped havanas and clear gradient shades – but whatever you pick, know that this look will never go unnoticed.


Channeling the authentic spirit of an inimitable Ray-Ban icon, this design frames the carefree attitude of real trendmakers in style. Featuring a distinctive squared shape with cool vintage pins, classic crystal polar lens shades and an old-school selection of havanas, black or glowing striped tones, this gender-fluid look brings legendary style into the now.


Evolving the chunky volumes and eye-catching angled brows of the sun style, this enigmatic optical frame makes retro-cool the smartest look around. Lightening up the bold acetate shape and wide temples, four glowing striped colors and polished metal rivets add a vintage, individualist feel, while high-impact total black makes for a powerful look that never plays on the safe-side.


Super dynamic, yet totally chilled, this light nylon fiber geometrical shape frames the no-rules vibe of a new street generation. Matching daring angles and an uber-wrapped shape with graphic colors and retro-cool shades, the look is everything but ordinary. Available in white, grey, military green or shiny tones of black, blue or Havana with dark solid or gradient lenses for style that goes from total legend to black-out in a blink.

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Published on Jul 16 2020