Ray-Ban Clubround, the new icon that “squares the circle”

Ray-Ban Clubround, the new icon that “squares the circle”

A mix of Clubmaster and Round, the new addition to the Ray-Ban family combines the retro-inspired metal round design and the charisma of acetate brows. For a new generation of creatives.

Ray-Ban Clubround, the new icon that “squares the circle”

Ray-Ban is renowned for its many iconic eyewear models (Aviator, Wayfarer, Round, Clubmaster), the outcome of a spirit of adventure and research that has always characterized the brand. Ray-Ban icons are timeless models featuring perfect shapes brought constantly up-to-date by experiments with new materials, finishes, lenses and small details that refresh the language while keeping the style intact.

One of the most popular icons is Round, the model with round lenses loved by the many intellectuals and artists who have worn it and elevated it to a synonym for free thought. But here lies the problem: how can a symbol of perfection like the circle be renewed with a more modern and young look? By doubling its iconic content! In other words, by combining the timeless allure of Round with a feature of Clubmaster, another emblematic model characterized by emphasis on the top part of the frame - the acetate brow.

The fusion of Round and Clubmaster led to Clubround, a new icon in the Ray-Ban family with loads of charisma and personality. The design features the rounded panthos shape with Clubmaster-inspired acetate brows, together with metal rims and bridges. Ideal for intellectuals and bohemians who seek new means of expression and find that Clubround has what was missing: a dynamic round frame with a modern look and unmistakable retro-inspired allure.

The original style of this model is emphasized by the choice of lenses and special finishes, both of which contribute to its uniqueness.

In the sun segment, Clubround comes in 7 different colors: 1 black, 3 Havana and 3 embossed effect. For Havana the colors are red Havana, black fleck and brown fleck. There are 3 versions of the embossed effect: black on black with mirror pink lenses, blue on black with mirror silver lenses and white on white with mirror green lenses.

The optical model is available in black, Havana, red Havana, Havana on opal peach and Havana on opal purple.

Published on Feb 15 2016