Ray-Ban Fall/Winter 2016

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - 5:30pm

Introducing new flat gradient lenses and shapes – Ray-Ban, an Icon reinvented since 1937

The Ray-Ban Fall/Winter 2016 collection focuses on contemporary details and modern lens variations for a fresh new perspective on unmistakable design. Always striving to live up to the pioneering spirit of Ray-Ban, the collection underlines the brand’s unparalleled ability when it comes to pushing the limits – presenting revolutionary lenses and innovative features to redefine the essence of authentic style and enhanced performance.

Building on key styles from the collection, three main themes dominate the FW16 offer: Ray-Ban Round, Gradient Flash Lenses and the Double Bridge. The revolution of this season is the Ray-Ban round transformation: the brand introduces new flat crystal lenses in flash gradient colors and new Oval and Hexagonal shapes. Whilst the Ray-Ban Clubmaster family see an introduction of fine aluminum combined with golden metal profiles, rich bi-layer acetates, matt finishes and up-to-date flash gradient lenses, for an all-encompassing approach to two of the most iconic Ray-Ban designs.

Finally, the double bridge of the iconic Ray-Ban Gatsby is reinterpreted in fine metal, bridging the gap between distinctive looks, contemporary optical style and state-of-the-art Tech frames. Featherweight combinations of Light Ray technology and titanium redefine a best performer round nylon fiber shape, as well as featuring on two new shapes for a first-time-ever metal double bridge-on-optical combination.

FW 2016 – Style that goes far beyond the ordinary



New flat crystal lenses in sophisticated gradient flash colors, including gray, wisteria, light blue and copper, add an edgy, modern look to the authentic shiny golden metal profiles, coining and super slim temples of a classic Ray-Ban Round shape for an up-to-date take on iconic style with unisex appeal.


A distinctive new Hexagonal shape reinvents the classic golden metal profiles of an iconic round Ray-Ban frame, while new flat crystal lenses in toned-down gradient flash colors – including copper, wisteria, gold, gray and light blue – as well as a classic G15 green lens option, reflect the iconic spirit of this fine frame from a fresh perspective.

RB3547N – RX3547V

This new oval sun style presents classic golden metal profiles with coined details and super thin temples for unisex appeal, while premium quality flat crystal lenses in new gradient flash colors – including copper, wisteria, gold, gray and light blue –, and monotint G15 green add an iconic touch to contemporary style. Also available as an optical frame in arista, gunmetal, shiny black and bronze.


RB 3016 – RX5154

Featuring the characteristic Clubmaster brow bar construction with slender, linear temples, a golden metal bridge with engraved details and distinctive 3D elliptical rivets add an accent of classic style. Up-to-date flash gradient lenses in copper, red, green and blue are paired with bi-layer shiny red/havana acetate, to reflect the contemporary spirit of an authentic legend, while the optical version is available in fresh frame colors, including black, Havana, red and violet layered over textured camouflage for an edgy finish.

RB 3507

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster never fails to surprise: 100% contemporary gradient flash lenses, cool aluminum and rich golden accents reinvent the rock ‘n roll energy of an icon for a contemporary perspective on statement style. Cool gradient flash mirror lenses in copper, green and blue combine with cutting edge brushed aluminum on the brow bar and shaped temples, and classic golden metal on the bridge, rims and 3D rivets.


Sleek modern styling transforms legends of Ray-Ban design into new icons of modern style: Clubmaster Metal. Sophisticated brushed tones of blue, brown and gunmetal alternate on the characteristic brow bar and slender, linear temples combine with engraved details on the bridge for a fine, understated look.


Best performer and brand new nylon fiber shapes with ultra-thin metal temples feature an ultra-fine reinterpretation of the original Ray-Ban Gatsby double bridge for a new execution of high performance contemporary style.


Advanced technology, super fine titanium and top quality gradient flash lenses transform this unisex shape into a featherweight model of contemporary style. Thin nylon fiber rims in shiny/ matt finishes, a titanium double bridge and titanium temples with screw-less Light Ray hinges offer ultra-light resilience and comfort. Available in gray with gray mirror lenses, brown with gradient brown lenses, black with green lenses, shiny Havana with copper flash lenses and matt black with green or blue mirror lenses.


Inspired by the original Ray-Ban Gatsby, this modern optical style raises the bar with a fine metal Double Bridge on an optical style for the first time ever. Thin nylon profile profiles in trendy transparent tones of gray, fuchsia, turquoise, black, brown and havana, are coupled with a super fine metal double bridge in either bronze or golden metal for unisex appeal and easy to fit contemporary style.


Fresh new shapes and stylish double bridges redefine Ray-Ban optical style. This distinctive squared nylon fiber frame features an unusual angled shape, ultra-thin metal temples and a metal double bridge. The varied color selection features easy to match, toned down colors like gray, brown, black and havana, as well as a modern turquoise, and is matched with bronze or golden metal details to offer an up-to-date look.

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Published on Mar 29 2016