Ray-Ban Icons Reinvention, look to the future!

Ray-Ban Icons Reinvention, look to the future!

Ray-Ban transcends the boundaries of time and convention, relaunching, for 2022, its most popular glasses, reinterpreted with an eye to the future and accompanied by new models set to become new classics.


Designs that have shaped the brand’s history are reinterpreted using new materials and premium engravings on frames and temples. This has resulted in the New Aviator, New Caravan and New Round models, as well as new soft and slender shapes the iconic Rob and David. The premium range is rounded off by the exclusive edition of a new Made In Japan Titanium models that combines the unmistakable Ray-Ban design with premium metallic shades and crystal lenses.

The collection also plays with its archive highlights, featuring a brand new havana color for the Orion and Hawkeye acetates, while nylon fiber is used to soften the epic frames, such as the pilot shape.

Reinventing its icons is not just a matter of style, but a statement of intent in line with the brand’s ethos. Combined with cutting-edge technologies, such as Chromance lenses, it ensures a unique experience in terms of both quality of vision and self-expression.

Published on Apr 06 2022