Since the creation of the Aviator eighty years ago, Ray-Ban has constantly reimagined its iconic products. Looking at life through a different lens with pioneering new technology. Setting enduring trends with cutting edge designs.


Now two worlds come together: iconic Ray-Ban frames and the most advanced prescription lenses.  The complete pair is produced to the wearer’s unique visual needs and style, and it is authentically Ray-Ban – right down to the stamp.


With Ray-Ban’s complete pair, Luxottica is revolutionizing how the world sees prescription lenses. Decades of lens manufacturing expertise mean we’ve fine-tuned the fitting process so that each lens is cut to fit its frame perfectly. Each pair is built entirely in our plants and it is tailor-made to the exact prescription of each single customer, who can get the vision he or she needs while wearing the style they love.

Digital surface technology (DST) is a pioneering process that guarantees better vision thanks to certified high-quality lenses. It pushes the boundaries of optics technology, enabling the lens to be tailor-made for your specific vision correction requirements, providing clearer vision and alleviating eye strain.

From the 50s inspired Clubmaster to  the Wayfarer, a favorite of celebrities everywhere, each model is completely adaptable to the wearer’s visual needs. No compromise – the exact style you love, right down to the lens color and gradient, so customers can incorporate their glasses seamlessly into their personal style. With colors ranging from standard G-15 to flash and gradients, each pair of Ray-Ban prescription frames are completely authentic to the original designs. 

Behind the campaign

With this new Ray-Ban campaign, the brand celebrates its musical heritage with a series of films and images across two locations. We follow a young record producer and musician as they write and record a track, taking the viewer from the inner sanctum of a recording studio to the dizzy heights of a London rooftop.

Bringing to life the technology behind the new Ray-Ban framed prescription lenses, CGI graphics showcase the production process before your eyes. Each graphic animation mirrors the creation step by step. 

The graphics begin with the cutting of the raw lens precisely to fit Ray-Ban’s iconic frames. Then the freshly cut lens is treated with high-tech, tailored Digital Surface Technology to give perfect sight across the whole surface (High Definition Vision). Next, Ray-Ban’s blue light filter enhances the clear prescription lenses by reducing exposure to harmful blue light from digital devices, while for prescription sunglasses, the complete UV protection that Ray-Ban has provided for decades shields eyes from the sun’s rays. Finally, the iconic Ray-Ban brand signature logo is applied to the lens.

Published on Apr 13 2018