Ray-Ban is ready to conquer the world of Non-Fungible Tokens

Ray-Ban is ready to conquer the world of Non-Fungible Tokens

Always a revolutionary brand in the world of eyewear and a pioneer of aesthetic innovations and trends, Ray-Ban has again reinvented how it creatively expresses and presents itself.


This time, the brand is launching the first of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sunglasses, a unique virtual product that can create an unparalleled brand experience and will let the fans of the world's most beloved eyewear brand explore a new way of expressing their uniqueness. NFTs are digital assets that aim to revolutionize the contemporary art market. They are cryptographic authenticity certificates of a digital work of art that attest to its uniqueness. Kept in digital wallets just like cryptocurrencies, the "non-fungible" refers to something unique and irreplaceable – a new frontier for art and the fashion world, and a new way of understanding creativity.

So, for its debut in the world of NFTs, Ray-Ban chose Oliver Latta, a German artist better known as Extraweg and famous for the unconventional, provocative style of his 3D Motion Designs. Created to express the emotions and contrasts of today's society, the design forces observers to step out of their comfort zones and pause for a moment of reflection. The artist created an exclusive Non-Fungible Token for Ray-Ban inspired by the timeless silhouettes of the iconic Aviator. The work will be signed and authentic, certified through NFT: a pioneering format that makes Ray-Ban the first eyewear brand to enter this new frontier of art.

To celebrate the event, Ray-Ban has organized a global digital charity auction sale from October 26th to October 31st where users can participate in the auction sale for the work by registering on a dedicated site.  All those who would like to participate in the auction sale can register by visiting: http://www.ray-ban-nft-artwork.com.

The project launched by Ray-Ban arises from a concept of universal beauty and invites everyone to enjoy life in all its aspects, including art. This is not the first time that art meets digital with Luxottica: one example is the Luxottica for Art project which moved in 2021 to Times Square with “Midnight Moment”, to give life to a new program for digital art diffusion in the world with a view to restoring beauty to the communities in which the Group operates.

Published on Oct 27 2021