Ray-Ban Sping-Summer 2015

Thursday, September 25, 2014 - 10:15pm

Groundbreaking technology & Iconic Design: Introducing the new Ray-Bans

For spring-summer 2015, Ray-Ban presents its new explorations in the world of materials and technology, and creates innovative, intriguing versions of its iconic models along with new sun and optical styles.


Ray-Ban has been synonymous with experimentation, adventure, functionality and design since 1937. The first Ray-Bans, the Aviators, created for US Air Force pilots, are a perfect combination of aerodynamic style, comfort and technical performance. This is why since they were first offered on the market they have never stopped collecting new fans. Another two of Ray-Ban’s styles have become timeless icons: the Wayfarers, with their unique design conceived for men and women of character, and the Clubmasters, with their assertive upper profile and their vintage intellectual look.

In this season, Ray-Ban continues its research into the possibilities offered by the new technologies. In particular, Liteforce – a material used in the aerospace industry – has a major role in two new sport styles in the sun segment, and in a mini collection in the optical segment: Ray-Ban uses this ultra-light, highly durable material to produce extremely lightweight and long-lasting models. The Light Ray technology, based on a titanium alloy and a patented screwless, weldless hinge, has been advanced into Light Ray 2.0, featuring an innovative mix of nylon and Light Ray. As epitomes of design, both the Wayfarer and the Aviator were the ground breakers of this new combination of innovation and style. But it is the Wayfarer that claims the role as the icon of spring-summer 2015: offered in denim, and leather, as well as Liteforce in the optical version, or in a new premium acetate with an original fleck effect, the model demonstrates its ability to meet any challenge and to maintain its cachet across materials and new technologies.

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Published on Sep 25 2014