Ray-Ban Studios: Feel Your Beat

Ray-Ban Studios: Feel Your Beat

Since 1937, Ray-Ban’s history is inextricably linked with that of music: Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, and Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi as the Blues Brothers… you simply cannot think of these figures without their trademark glasses, that have always made them recognisable to everyone.


Now a new concept revolves around the brand’s most iconic art form: music. It is from this link that Ray-Ban Studios came to life: a project that shows what goes on backstage, well away from the limelight, where the creative process has its origins. This is a space where artists can share their story, a creative hub celebrating self-expression as a display of individuality.

The first Ray-Ban studios story goes back to the most intimate inner self, our heart beat. Feel Your Beat campaign is the first chapter of Ray-Ban Studios story: echoing the brand’s core values, the campaign highlights the importance of being true to your heart and authentic when expressing yourself.


The first to do so are the Martinez Brothers. Steve and Chris Martinez, two DJ brothers hail from Puerto Rico, but grew up in the Bronx, where they became leading figures in the dance scene and managed to make a name for themselves with their fusion of house, hip hop and techno music. Their motto is “marching to the beat of our own drum!"

It is with this spirit that a collaboration has been formed, leading to the creation of two limited-edition versions of the iconic Wayfarers: blue washed lenses and white temples for Steve’s Wayfarers, and a pink frame front and tortoiseshell temples for Chris’ version.

The new chapter of the Ray-Ban Studios story sees the involvement of musician and producer Nina Kraviz, a major player on the electronic music scene in Russia and across the world. Born and raised in Siberia, Nina was surrounded by her father’s records and by the sound of nightly radio broadcasts that have always fuelled her passion. After working for a local station, she moved to Moscow where she went from an aspiring doctor to a full-time musician. “When I hear the right beat, I feel alive”, says the DJ.

The glasses that bear Nina’s name are inspired by the cat-eye style popular in the 1960s, with flat lenses in two colour combinations. The first pair, Nina X Eye Green, combines green temples with a Havana-yellow front frame and faded matching lenses. The second version, Nina X Orange, comes with faded Azure-blue lenses, a beige front frame and orange temples. Both of these are limited-edition items.

The history of music is not just made by great artists, but also the huge crowds, the people who come together in front of the stage to become one, all sharing the same passion, and following the rhythm of the same beat. It is for this reason that in 2018 Ray-Ban Studios is a partner of three of the biggest music festivals all over the world: Primavera Sound, All Points East and MECA. To celebrate the two events, Ray-Ban has specially created eyewear, in limited production with just 500 units, that bear the Ray-Ban tag and the logos of the festivals.

Published on Jul 13 2018