Ray-Ban Tech: The New Ray-Ban Carbon Fibre Sunglasses Boasts Cutting-Edge Technology And Innovation

10 Jun 2009 - 11:15 AM
Ray-ban introduces tech: a new collection of carbon fibre sunglasses tradition and innovation are the hallmarks of the brand global leader in eyewear
Berlin (Germany), 10 June 2009 
Ray-Ban introduces Carbon Fibre, the first release of the brand new Ray-Ban Tech Collection. 
Ray-Ban Tech styles are the result of avant-garde manufacturing techniques leveraging both the unique Ray-Ban’s history and state of the art processes specific to carbon fiber. A patented hyper-technological process is being employed in the development of Ray-Ban Tech together with sophisticated and constantly evolving materials.
Innovation has always been an integral part of Ray-Ban’s DNA: the 1937 patent for the legendary Aviator model first used the term “anti-glare.” These iconic sunglasses were developed specifically to offer pilots highly functional and comfortable shades. 
The green anti-reflective lenses, made of mineral glass to filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays, the teardrop shape, designed to ft snugly around  the eye socket, and  the ultra-lightweight gold-plated alloy  frame are details  that  represent cutting-edge  technical innovations, even today.
Carbon fiber  is an extraordinarily sturdy yet extremely  lightweight material.  It has a very fine, threadlike structure and  it  is used to manufacture a wide range of materials referred to as “composites” because the fibers are combined with a matrix – generally resin – designed to hold these extremely strong fibers together, protect them and maintain the shape of the product. 
In the Ray-Ban Tech Carbon Fibre Collection, the wrap-around temples are made of reinforced polyester resin sheets, composed of seven layers, all of which are made of carbon fiber mixed with resin. Each sheet is water-cut in order to suit even the slimmest temples. 
The result of this patented process is a frame that is extremely lightweight, sturdy, flexible and exceptionally durable. 
The indestructible lightness of Tech, Ray-Ban’s most advanced collection, goes hand in hand with innovative, performance-enhancing features. The P3  (polycarbonate) and P3PLUS
  (crystal)  lenses guarantee exceptional polarization, with more vivid and high-definition colors. An anti-reflective coating is also applied to eliminate glare and  fully protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
RB 8301
RB 8301 
This model reinterprets the iconic teardrop Aviator style. 
The carbon fiber temples are combined with the bold shape of the 
metal front with a double bridge, for a strong, decisive personality.
RB 8302
RB 8302
This model  features a metal  frame and a double bridge, with  large 
rounded  lenses. These carbon fiber sunglasses with classic  lines ft 
any face beautifully, making them perfect for both men and women.
RB 8303
RB 8303
These rimless sunglasses boast a front with a highly original metal
bridge: the perfect choice for those who love a sleek and simple look. 
Extremely  lightweight  and  functional,  with  face-hugging  contours, 
this model guarantees top comfort in any situation.
RB 8304
RB 8304
Ultra-lightweight, functional, chic and streamlined, this rimless model 
features a metal bridge with unusual contours. The rounded lenses give 
these sunglasses a more feminine air, and the elongated shape exudes 
modern sophistication.

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