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Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - 10:30am

The best traditions are born when you least expect them. Happy accidents, just too good not to be repeated, again and again and again. Funny rituals only you and your closest ones understand. Sometimes you can’t even remember how they started, but they bring us together, year after year.

This holiday season Ray-Ban’s new campaign #OURTRADITION celebrates festive customs a little less ordinary, lived by real people, year after year. In it, two stories become intertwined in the most unlikely throw of the dice.

The American desert. A gas station. A girl waits outside in a red convertible. She’s joined by her companion, carrying the giant deer. He’s always with them this time of year. They encounter a family, heading north on vacation, parents with two kids, in a camper van. But the van breaks down and Christmas hangs in the balance. Until they come together with a spontaneous plan that will spark a whole new tradition.

Our traditions are the moments we stumble upon and then repeat because we live them together and they unite us.

The three Ray-Ban models worn by our characters are as authentic and attention-grabbing as the campaign itself.


Olympian I Deluxe is original Ray-Ban style, as good as it gets. With a dynamic wrapped design, curved ear-to-brow bar and timeless profile it is a podium star classic.


inspired by a champion style created for Olympians, has been an icon since 1968. With super-sleek ear-to-ear metal brow and temples it gives top-performance style.


The legendary square frames of the RB1973 are true originals. Their oversized square lenses in an I-shape stand out, always.

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Published on Nov 26 2019