Beauty and the power of love in its most representative symbol, the heart, are the center of the new spring 2017 eyewear collection presented by Tiffany for Valentine’s Day. A modern reinterpretation of the hinged cuff, inspired by the iconic key ring first introduced in 1969.


Since the birth of the brand in New York City in 1837, the legendary jewelry by Tiffany&Co. has influenced style, appeared at special events and celebrated the world’s greatest love stories. And it is precisely love - the universal, powerful sentiment that unites people, makes the world a nicer place and fills life with joy and energy – and its most evocative symbol that feature in the creations by the legendary American brand: the heart.

For Valentine’s Day 2017, when lovers are celebrated the world over, Tiffany presents Return to Tiffany Love, the new eyewear collection that pays homage to the cuff of the same name which, in its turn, was inspired by the iconic key ring first introduced in 1969. Originally, each piece of the key ring was inscribed with the message, “Please Return to Tiffany&Co. New York,” and assigned a unique registration number, ensuring that if owner and keys were ever separated, they would be reunited at the Fifth Avenue flagship store.

In contemporary edition, this timeless icon has turned into "Return to Tiffany Love", a symbol of optimism, beauty and love that is reflected in the elegant lines of the new eyewear, made even more feminine by the special heart motif applied to the temples.

The theme was first introduced in eyewear in 2008 and since then the collection has evolved with the addition of elegant, vivacious models offered in various color options, among which the exclusive color inspired by Rubedo – a gold, silver and copper alloy created by Tiffany in 2012 - applied to eyewear with a special galvanizing process.

On the eyewear models, the iconic heart motif of the Tiffany cuff is a metal decoration applied to the temples. Laser engraved on the inside are the words “Please return to” – a feature of the key rings – which have been joined by the word LOVE. The collection is available in two executions. In the first one, the iconic heart motif is integrated in the temples and repeated three times. It is available on one sun style (TF4133) and one optical style (TF2145). In the second execution, the feminine heart décor is applied on two sleek metal temples that represent the hinged cuff. It is available on two sun styles (TF4138  and TF4139) and two optical styles (TF2151 and TF2152).

Love - with its unstoppable joy - is the center of the Tiffany & Co. communication strategy for Valentine’s Day, in stores and on social media. With a fresh and engaging language, the digital campaign #LoveNotLike communicates the belief that love as an attitude is something to uphold and celebrate. At Tiffany, it’s always love, not like. The protagonists are three very young models and stars of the runways: Pyper America Smith, Fernanda Ly and Imaan Hammam.

Published on Feb 09 2017