To see the beauty of life: Luxottica’s sustainability campaign

To see the beauty of life: Luxottica’s sustainability campaign

Sustainability in its broadest sense (environmental, social and economic) is a principle that is deeply rooted in Luxottica’s history.


Over the years, it has been integrated into the company culture to the extent that it permeates the entire value chain. To celebrate sustainability, an illustrated manifesto was created that captures every aspect of the company’s vision of sustainability – To See the Beauty of Life –, starting from its four fundamental pillars – Commitment to Excellence, Visual Well-being, Social Impact and Protecting the Environment – and brings them to life with concrete examples represented with a specially created image.

The dedicated campaign, which will run over several months on the Group’s social media channels, celebrates Luxottica’s way of doing business, the deep link between the quality and excellence of its products and services, and the promotion of sustainable development, with particular reference to environmental protection and relations with the social context in which it operates.

The goal is to present Luxottica’s comprehensive commitment to sustainability in an innovative, simple and immediate language that is new for Luxottica and can effectively engage a diverse target audience with an increasing interest in this topic. 

The illustrations for Luxottica’s poster are created by globally renowned Italian artist Giacomo Gambineri, an illustrator and graphic designer who works at the national and international level with various publications including the New York Times, The New Yorker, Variety, Monocle and Wired. Giacomo Gambineri was born in Genoa and graduated in Communication Design from the Polytechnic University of Milan.

Published on Feb 08 2021