Social Concierge, serving consumers

Social Concierge, serving consumers

A team comprised of both junior and highly qualified international professionals is ready to provide timely assistance and advice to consumers active on Luxottica’s websites and social media channels. The service, known as Social Concierge, has been active since January for Ray-Ban and Oakley, and there are plans to expand it to all other proprietary eyewear and retail brands by the end of 2021.

Social Concierge

Through individual interviews and group digital assessments, candidates were involved in one-on-one tests and business cases to measure interpersonal, dialog and listening skills in relation to real cases.

All of the professionals, who are graduates with previous work experience in social media and digital marketing, also possess strong empathy to better understand the dynamics of consumer relations: a paradigm shift starting with those who can bring added value to the conversation and acquire product information and customer service procedures in the field.

The Social Concierge team can identify online conversations and respond to users in their native language with the appropriate tone of voice for the brand and social channels where these conversations take place. In addition to offering short-term solutions such as traditional customer service, team members proactively interact with consumers to create engagement, increase positive brand perception and drive cross-selling.

This new process reduces the number of internal steps, increasing the speed and effectiveness of the response to the consumer.

Through the Group’s global training platform, Luxottica University, Social Concierge members can access a special three-week training course, consisting of virtual classrooms led by key contacts within the company. Members can then continue with self-training activities on an ongoing basis, allowing them to learn to autonomously understand consumers’ immediate needs in several areas: from e-commerce to social commerce, customer service, human resources and specific product questions. An innovative, more direct and personalized relationship model, which, to date, is unique in Italy and has already led to a 70% decrease in negative sentiment about customer service after the first month of operation, proving the effectiveness of this new tool.

Published on May 18 2021