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Social Impact

A company of people, for people. This is Luxottica, where value creation and long-term sustainable growth go hand in hand with a virtuous system for developing people and social relations in order to guarantee the well-being of employees and the communities in which the Group operates. The Group’s activities are founded on a series of key values such as its focus on people, the development of skills and expertise and the creation of a working environment that offers everybody the same opportunities on the basis of merit and without discrimination.

Luxottica’s shared value approach

Every day Luxottica strives to construct a business in which value creation and long-term sustainable growth go hand in hand with a virtuous system for developing people and social relations.

The ways it contributes to the well-being of its employees and to the adoption of socially responsible practices along the supply chain, promotes the economic and social progress of the local communities in which it operates and commits to the protection of the environment in those territories are a few examples of value creation inside and outside the organization.

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People, the real driving force of Luxottica 

Developing people is the focus of the Group’s growth strategies. In this context, diversity in thinking is a source of cultural enrichment and is therefore promoted and rewarded. Having qualified, motivated and engaged employees is crucial for its long-term success. Whatever the geographical region, site or subsidiary, employment at Luxottica is regarded first and foremost as an opportunity for professional and personal fulfillment, rather than a duty or right.

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The Safety Culture

For Luxottica, guaranteeing and protecting the health and safety of all its employees is at the top of its priorities and is based on the principle “adapting work to the worker”.

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The responsible management of the supply chain

For Luxottica, the supply chain is fundamental for guaranteeing the high quality of its products and services and contributes to maintaining and enhancing the reputation of the Group. Ethical, labor, human rights, safety, and environmental aspects are thoroughly considered along the manufacturing and distribution supply chain, from the selection of suppliers to their systematic monitoring and the organization of training and awareness initiatives.

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