Social Impact

Luxottica’s shared value approach


Every day Luxottica strives to construct a business in which value creation and long-term sustainable growth go hand in hand with a virtuous system for developing people and social relations.

The ways it contributes to the well-being of its employees and to the adoption of socially responsible practices along the supply chain, promotes the economic and social progress of the local communities in which it operates and commits to the protection of the environment in those territories are a few examples of value creation inside and outside the organization.

Every year Luxottica, driven by a strong sense of responsibility and corporate citizenship, pursues its commitment towards the local communities and territories where it operates, supporting social, sport and cultural initiatives. Examples are outlined below:

  • the Luxottica welfare system, which since 2009 has involved not only employees but also their families and the community with initiatives ranging from educational support and healthcare to sustainable transport and a series of other services that meet people’s needs in an innovative and tangible way;
  • initiatives designed to offer access to quality eyecare and eyewear for less developed communities in the world. Examples include the over 200 Sustainable Vision Centers opened since 2013 in Africa, China, India, Southeast Asia and the United States by OneSight, an independent non-profit organization of which Luxottica is the founding sponsor, and the vision care initiatives organized every year to celebrate World Sight Day globally;
  • initiatives to promote and protect cultural, social and environmental heritage that embodies “made in Italy”, the Group’s most distinctive value and evident in all “made in Luxottica” products and services. “Made in Italy” encompasses the same values of awareness and passion for aesthetics and culture that Luxottica undertakes to support through:
  • projects with universities and optometry schools;
  • support for Valore D, the association of Italian businesses that Luxottica helped to create in 2009 to promote diversity, female talent and leadership;
  • assistance and solidarity during emergency situations;
  • other initiatives aimed at local communities, from awareness campaigns on eyecare to collaboration with foundations active in developing countries. Among these, the support, through the Indian subsidiary, for Sightsavers projects in rural areas of India, such as the Trucker's Eye Health Program, one of the country’s biggest eye health programs for the truck drivers community.