Social Impact

People, the real driving force of Luxottica 


Developing people is the focus of the Group’s growth strategies. In this context, diversity in thinking is a source of cultural enrichment and is therefore promoted and rewarded. Having qualified, motivated and engaged employees is crucial for its long-term success. Whatever the geographical region, site or subsidiary, employment at Luxottica is regarded first and foremost as an opportunity for professional and personal fulfillment, rather than a duty or right.

Community with purpose

Those who work at Luxottica are not just part of a company but a genuine community where they are able to fulfill their professional and personal ambitions. Community is much more than just a value for the Group. Over time, Luxottica has strengthened its company welfare system and made an effort to listen to people in order to improve their lives at work and at home.

This is because the Company recognizes that every employee is a person that needs to feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. The aim is therefore to make them feel part of a strong community and company that protects their interests, passions, dreams and needs in the most concrete way possible.

Diversity is a distinguishing trait of the entire organization, that is extremely varied in terms of culture and identity and, as such, is able to meet the needs and expectations of equally diverse and global consumers. Within the Company, everybody has the same employment and professional growth opportunities. No individual characteristic - whether it be gender, age, religion, origin, marital status, disability or sexual or political orientation - will ever be used to discriminate against somebody during their career within the Company.

To cultivate a culture of diversity and inclusion, many initiatives exist in different regions to promote open dialogue among employees and provide an inclusive work environment. For example:

  • in the US, the Company tapped into its employee base to get their expectations around diversity and inclusion in the workplace through surveys, panels and open conversations. Taking its learnings into account, Luxottica is launching a number of employee-facing initiatives in 2021, including programs focused on further educating local teams, creating opportunities for employees to share their personal experiences and identifying actionable ideas for creating a more inclusive workplace;
  • in Brazil, the manufacturing site initiated a new annual program named "Olhar Consciente" (Informed Vision) in 2020, featuring a full week of activities dedicated to diversity and inclusion, and embracing surrounding communities;
  • in the Chinese site, annual events are organized to encourage employees to share their hometown or regional traditions and rituals to further cultivate an inclusive environment for all ethnic groups. Additionally, the site dedicates an event to recognizing women who have served as high-performing role models for others throughout the year;
  • globally, Luxottica University is launching a comprehensive learning initiative focused on unconscious bias and other diversity, equity and inclusion aspects.

Being part of a true community also means feeling rewarded and appreciated for the value each employee brings to the table as part of a meritocracy. This concept is the base of the remuneration policy and performance assessment system and around it three organizational levers have been developed:

  • organization and integration of support functions for the various businesses;
  • a common company language that enables the various businesses to work in synergy;
  • quality of the recruitment process and of the training process to improve existing company expertise and strong focus on talent development.

Talent management

Working at Luxottica means growing in a company that invests in the future in an attentive and far-sighted way, introducing or developing new skills and expansive ways of thinking, as well as improving existing competences.

In 2020, the Company accelerated its investments to provide the majority of its employees and customers with innovative, engaging training contents available in up to 40 languages through Luxottica University, the only incubator for all Luxottica’s training initiatives. In addition, the introduction of virtual classrooms, first in Italy and then in the rest of the world, has completely transformed the learning experience. This interactive, engaging format reaches a broader audience and challenges conventional concepts of classroom training.

Brief workshops on personal development and career growth are also provided, linked to the needs of the organization, such as the onboarding program for new hires and the performance evaluation process the Company launched for managers and their team members in Italy in 2019. In 2020 the performance evaluation process was consolidated and implemented in other business units in Italy and other countries, such as Eastern Europe and Singapore. To guarantee a performance evaluation process that is unique and consistent at global level, the process is being adopted by other business units and regions.