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The Safety Culture


For Luxottica, guaranteeing and protecting the health and safety of all its employees is at the top of its priorities and is based on the principle “adapting work to the worker”. The progressive obtainment of Occupational Health and Safety Management certifications at its manufacturing plants, logistic hubs, lens laboratories and global headquarters – namely OHSAS 18001 and the more recent ISO 45001:2018 -  have fostered the adoption of all necessary measures to maintain a safe working environment and prevent risky situations.

In order to guarantee higher safety levels and develop a genuine company culture in the area of accident prevention , over the years the Company has developed its “Zero accidents” program.  This focuses on preventing risky situations at the production and logistics sites and go beyond fulfilling the training and information obligations set forth by local regulations.

The program also includes the roll-out of Safety Corners, which are designated locations for posting information on health and safety matters and for reporting unsafe or risky situations for workers. First introduced in Italy in 2015, this practice has been extended to the Chinese facilities in 2018 and to the Atlanta site in 2019.

In addition, since 2014, Luxottica has been deploying an innovative Behavior - Based Safety system (BBS). Inspired by the knowledge that more than 80% of workplace accidents are caused by at-risk behavior, the Group has decided to adopt a safety management methodology that consists of reducing or eliminating unsafe behavior and actions through the involvement of its employees. This makes possible to:

  • develop a culture of fully shared security, encouraging the active and voluntary participation of workers, above all through positive backup and feedback;
  • build better relationships between employees, even outside the safety context, increasing the sense of belonging to the Company;
  • ensure an even more “active participation by workers” as set forth by the Safety Consolidation Law (Legislative Decree 81/2008 et sequitur). 

Its roll-out in Italy is due to conclude in 2020. Furthermore, dedicated training programs have been essential in achieving the zero-work related accidents target.

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