Starck Biotech Paris launches a new breed of flexibility

Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 5:15pm

In 2019 the collaboration between Philippe Starck & Luxottica takes another step towards the future with a new collection of eyewear.

Starck Biotech Paris revolutionizes the concept of design, by merging it with biomechanics, placing Bionism at its core: taking inspiration from the organic to innovate, in favor of humanity. Each pair of glasses is crafted using the exclusive Biolink technology, a screwless hinge designed having as a base the structure of a human collarbone, delivering greater comfort and flexibility. Starck Biotech Paris is the intersection of technology and the designer’s essence paired with a sophisticated Parisian attitude.

The 2019 Starck Biotech Paris collection reflects the efficient character of Philippe Starck, showing outstanding quality, comfort and fit. The best choice for those seeking a unique frame with exclusive features: proven to be the successful result of research on technology & innovation.

“Each of the styles of the collection constitutes an elegant extension of the individual.Even disappearing from our perceptive field and merging completely with the body in harmony. The collection is about richness of colors and purity of lines combined with subtle contrasts. Starck Biotech Paris is not a revolution, it is the right evolution.” Philippe Starck Starck Biotech Paris announces its latest high-tech, creative and timeless designs through a witty and minimalist personality, both elegant & intelligent.

Philippe Starck and Luxottica have created an entire advertising campaign exploring Starck’s exquisite sense of humor, portraying the concept of Bionism through human flexibility.

So, what if Philippe Starck was as flexible as his eyewear styles?

Metal | The Spring 2019 collection presents 2 new, full rim metal models featuring a classic and easy lens fitting system. The front is made from one unique piece, without soldering on the bridge area.


This round eye shape targets consumers looking for a retro and timeless appearance. The metal pad arms provide a universal fitting. The SH2038 features handmade acetate temples.


The SH2039 presents a soft rectangle eye shape with a high-positioned bridge that reinforces its sporty appearance. The metal pad arms provide a universal fitting. It features our new generation of double-injected temples.

Combo Aluminum and Gravity Evo | For the Spring 2019 collection, Starck Biotech Paris presents the unique balance between the cold and mat touch of Aluminum, one of the most advanced materials to exist, and the warm and colored character of Gravity Evo, creating a truly organic and smooth appearance.


On the bridge area, aluminum and Gravity Evo are associated without any screws thanks to an exclusive rail system, for maximum integration.

The aluminum bar has been colored by anodization, which guarantees the highest quality. The SH2037 features handmade acetate temples.

Bold Acetate | After having achieved the thinnest acetate models ever developed in the collection, for the Spring and Summer 2019 collections, Starck Eyes reinterprets the “Extra Bold” icons that are at the very heart of the brand, adding a touch of contemporary design to this historical product.


Starck Eyes goes back to the iconic aesthetics of the brand from the early 2000’s with this model featuring extra bold temples. Developed in collaboration with MAZZUCCHELLI’s engineers, all our acetates are absolutely exclusive.

Gravity Evo | The high-tech Gravity products have been the best-selling segment since their launch in 2009.

The SPRING SUMMER 2019 collection enhances the offer with a new, timeless model featuring handmade acetate temples.


Ultra-thin rectangular lightweight frame, the SH3056 presents very soft angles for a timeless appearance. It features handmade acetate temples.

Acetate Sun Masks | Nod to the late 70’s, the 2 new handmade acetate models introduce a vintage sporty inspiration voluntarily modernized with Philippe Starck’s philosophy: pureness and minimalism.


This 80’s inspired frame has an oversized square shape, with a deep, angular sun mask, juxtaposed with a rich handmade acetate structure.

It features an anti-reflective coating inside, for an improved comfort.

Developed in collaboration with Mazzucchelli’s engineers, all our acetates are absolutely exclusive.


As a complement to the SH5025, this oversized sun mask has a striking design, featuring a teardrop lens shape with soft curves combined with a straight top bar. It features an anti-reflective coating inside, for improved comfort. Developed in collaboration with Mazzucchelli’s engineers, all our acetates are absolutely exclusive.


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Published on Feb 28 2019