Starck Biotech paris wins the iF design award 2021 with the exclusive sphere hinge technology

Thursday, May 13, 2021 - 6:15pm

Revolutionary technology inspired by nature’s infinite intelligence and elegance, the STARCK BIOTECH PARIS SPHERE is the winner of the 2021 iF DESIGN AWARD in the product design category. iF International Forum Design GmbH has been honoring outstanding and innovative designs every year for 67 years.

The SPHERE technology has been granted with some of the high average scores among almost 10,000 entries submitted from 52 countries for the criteria: relevance of the innovation, form, function, differentiation and environmental impact by winning over 98 independent experts of the jury composed of members from all over the world.

Launched in November 2019, the SPHERE hinge is a new revolutionary and exclusive articulation, a minimalistic way to imagine eyewear thanks to its simplified structure, designed as the most iconic and natural shape, the sphere, the perfect and strongest structure in nature and in the living world.

“SPHERE draws inspiration from nature’s infinite intelligence. The sphere is the purest and most solid structure in the world: minimal perfection, essential beauty.” Ph. S.

The SPHERE is made of a 0,07g single ball of stainless steel inserted into an injected front in exclusive High-Tech polymer Gravity Evo and paired with an ultrathin 0.08mm titanium temple, obtained by laser cutting. Its conception avoids varnishing or additional mechanical operations, substantially reducing the environmental impact.

Made without screws or welding, SPHERE technology offers unparalleled freedom of movement and unique lightness, with each frame weighting less than just 15 grams. For the new collection 2021 collection, the innovative feature is the joint on the temples, which offers new possibilities in terms of lightness thanks to the use of an ultra-slim titanium structure.

The unique SPHERE conception combines function, minimalism, and aesthetic at once.

SPHERE perfectly embodies Philippe Starck’s continuous quest for dematerialization and harmony with the body, using less material while being more efficient. Smoothly moving, the eyewear becomes an extension of the individual, disappearing from our visual perception to become part of us.

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Published on May 13 2021