Style and eyeglasses. According to The Sartorialist

Style and eyeglasses. According to The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman, photographer and creator of The Sartorialist blog, will travel the world to photograph personalities with the most creative looks wearing eyeglasses. The result will be available on Faces By The Sartorialist


Being stopped in the street by Scott Schuman asking to take your photo is a clear sign that you have hit the mark with fashion experts and lovers. It means that there is something personal about your way of dressing or wearing accessories, as well as in your hair style or in your walk. It means that it embodies the spirit of the times, that there is something so new or perfectly démodé that it captures the expert eye of Scott Schuman who makes it “famous” through his photographic posts in The Sartorialist. The blog, created in 2005, has elevated street style, making it as glossy and intriguing as a catwalk launch.

His prestige lays with his on-the-spot portraits straight from the streets of New York, Paris and Milan, the always surprising and aesthetically stimulating subjects and a fresh and natural photographic style that has won him a place in magazines such as Vogue Italia, GQ, Interview, as well as many other collaborations with famous brands.

Scott Schuman is in Florence for Pitti Uomo in June 2014, and it is here that he will unveil his partnership with Luxottica. His constant quest for representatives of the new urban style has led him to meet many figures who have created their look around their eyeglasses. The digital project “Faces by The Sartorialist” is dedicated to the hundreds of interpretations of style inspired by eyeglasses with portraits of stylish figures captured in the streets of the world's capital cities wearing eyeglasses as fashion accessories. The evolutions of moods and trends centered on eyeglasses in various international cities, from Shanghai to Rio de Janeiro, can be seen on Faces By The Sartorialist and on the Instagram account @facesbythesartorialist.

The shoots will show the eyewear choices of the coolest people on the planet. The various models and brands in each photo will be accompanied by a direct link to the relative brands, making navigation easier. Users will also be able click on “like” and share the photographs on the social networks.

Scott Schuman's photos are the proof that eyeglasses do not obliterate but rather enhance style, exalting personality traits, conveying mystery and fascination and are another way for creative people to bring their style to the fore.

As Scott Schuman himself says, “Eyeglasses are fascinating accessories that can completely reveal or transform a personality.”

After the official launch, Schuman's captivating shoots will be followed by the work of other creative icons involved in artistic fields in countries such as the United States, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, China, India and Brazil. They will interpret eyewear through their own expressive media, with creations presented to the public through posts on the “Faces by The Sartorialist” site.


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Published on Jun 17 2014