Sunglass Hut is the premier shopping destination for high quality sunglasses across the Hispanic LatAm region, as in the rest of the world. Despite the young history of the brand in Latin America, Sunglass Hut has taken on an expansion journey that is going to continue in the next future, with a strong record of growth.


Today Sunglass Hut operates more than 360 stores in Center America and South America. One out of three stores are located in Mexico, where the brand started to operate back in 2011. In recent years, Mexico has been the locomotive for the luxury goods sector in the Region, being the largest and fastest-growing luxury market - even more than Brazil, where economics has gone through up and downs.

Among the major reasons for this positive economic picture in Mexico are the favorable exchange rate against the U.S. Dollar and the increasing number of tourists coming from abroad, mostly from the United States.

It is not by chance that the Sunglass Hut store network spreads especially trough prestigious touristic locations and airports, besides a strong presence in Mexico City - which can be considered as a small-sized country alone considering its 21 million people population.

Sunglass Hut success in Mexico paved the way for the brand expansion all over Latin America. In fact, the retail chain has started operating also in emerging and dynamic markets such as Chile and Colombia - here Sunglass Hut has recently opened its first five stores. 

The store network is going to further expand in several Central American countries as well (Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic), and in Argentina. It is a country which has been undergoing a phase of deep economic transformation, and positive outcomes are expected to occur in the next 3-5 years.

Sunglass Hut is ready to take any opportunities the future will hold in Latin America, while keeping investing in technologies and digital tools to improve the customer shopping experience, while leveraging our strong brand portfolio to meet the taste of the local consumer with the latest collections.

Published on Feb 02 2018