Sunglass Hut - SOHO: Where Street Art Meets Fashion

Sunglass Hut - SOHO: Where Street Art Meets Fashion

The fantastic Mr. Brainwash collection has transformed the Soho store into a pop-up gallery for displaying the limited edition frames decorated by the artist. To be seen and collected.

Sunglass Hut - SOHO: Where Street Art Meets Fashion

The search for unique, unrepeatable and collectable expressiveness is the basis of the annual collaboration project that Sunglass Hut has developed with artists of different background and origins since 2008. Presented with iconic sunglasses on which to test their personal creative vein, these artists make one-of-a-kind objects decorated with a shower of crystals (James Price) or colored yarn (Magda Sayeg), or hand painted (Mike Ming) and “graffitied” (Chris Mendoza).

This year the Sunglass Hut Artists Series involves Mr. Brainwash, aka Thierry Guetta, a street artist and film-maker born in France and based in Los Angeles, who rose to fame with the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop and his stencils and portraits. The collaboration opens a new chapter in the project’s story, transforming it into a culturally and socially more engaging phenomenon that concerns the product but also the space hosting it: the Sunglass Hut’s Soho flagship store, in New York City.

Recently renovated, the innermost part of the store has been transformed to create the ideal habitat for “displaying” the collection that has been customized by the artist (250 pairs of Ray-Bans, from iconic Aviators and Wayfarers to the much-loved Round and Clubmaster). It is now a copy of his studio and, in addition to eyewear, it hosts some of his most famous works: a work of art in itself to be visited and seen before it is “removed”. In fact it will be there for only 4 months, the time for selling the Mr. Brainwash collection, before it undergoes the next mutation expressed by other collaborations, campaigns or cool collections.

At 496 Broadway from May 15 through September 15, you can enter the world of Mr. Brainwash, breathe in the atmosphere, see his works and buy the iconic Ray-Ban models decorated with splashes of paint and sold with cases “dripping” with color placed in a mock spray can. A “slice” of street art condensed in a pair of collectable Ray-Bans. Only at Sunglass Hut. An essential destination for aficionados of fashion and street art from New York and beyond.

Published on May 25 2015