Those who work for Luxottica know they are part of a unique business that enables every employee to gain professional and personal satisfaction from his or her job, supported by a positive and encouraging environment.


The main forces of development are training, through an ample selection of courses, and regular feedback and performance evaluations. Luxottica offers each employee the tools and opportunities necessary to reach his or her own potential through a growth plan, thereby meeting both personal and professional characteristics and needs.

Luxottica empowers individual employees to use its "Learning Advisor” digital platform. This starts with a two-way dialogue between the employee and his or her direct manager to define a professional development plan.

The performance evaluation process is the same throughout the Group and is carried out through an annual "Talent Performance Review”. During this phase, the strengths and improvement areas of each employee are identified, resulting in the planning of specialised training programs for that employee. Since 2013, Luxottica has been working on harmonizing evaluation criteria and requirements for the development program across all its geographies.

The development of talent is a strong point for Luxottica, which pays particular attention to youth. Its Junior Program allows each newly-employed young person to develop both the soft skills and technical skills considered fundamental for his or her position.

One important part of the training plan relates to career development initiatives and actions for two types of employees: employees considered ready to assume a position with a specific profile (“ready now") or employees who are expected to assume certain roles or functions upon the conclusion of a 3-5 year development program (“next generation”). Within this context there is also a "succession plan” in the strategic positions of the Group.

Each country and local organisation defines the “key positions”, which include approximately 500 roles (heldfor one third by women), that represent skills considered fundamental to maintaining the high level of quality and competitiveness the Group is known for. These “key positions” are monitored constantly with the development of loyalty and retention plans to retain talent. 

Published on Apr 12 2017