The Time of Women? It’s Now!

The Time of Women? It’s Now!

Luxottica, main partner of “The Time of Women”, a brainchild project of Corriere della Sera with the aim of telling how women are doing in our time (and how they would like to be doing). The first national edition of “The Time of Women” will take place from September 26 to 28 at the Triennale of Milan. Saturday, September 27, Luxottica promotes an open discussion on training and education of young talents.

Il tempo delle donne? È adesso

The first appointment of the national edition will take place from September 26 to 28 at the Triennale of Milan. We’re talking about “The Time of Women” (Il Tempo delle Donne), the project that was created in 2013 by Corriere della Sera with the aim of building a large inquiry on women and with women, to tell how they are doing in our time and how they would like to be doing, involving public figures, experts, artists, journalists and reporters, readers of RCS publications. Co-organized by La 27ma Ora and Io Donna, Fondazione Corriere della Sera and Valore D, The Time of Women has so far produced an amazing number of initiatives that involve a growing group of men and women, institutions, associations and companies.

Luxottica, main partner of the project, has been committed on different activities to support its realization. It promotes, Saturday, September 27, "The Girls are doing well. Joining vocation and projects, wishes and strengths to face the working world". An open debate on the issue of training and education of young talent to support the start up of their professional journey, where Luxottica talks about its experience. Among other initiatives, Luxottica has given a voice to young women who have seized the great opportunities for professional and personal growth in the international and challenging context offered by the company. As Donatella Caggiano, PR Manager Luxottica, explains in this video.

The event - under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan - is divided into three main sections (surveys, discussions, workshops) and will take place over three days at the Triennale and Teatro dell’Arte of Milan. In addition, thanks to an extensive network of initiatives, “The Time of Women” will spread in the city throughout the month of September, in collaboration with theaters and cinemas, universities and libraries, associations and companies. The two parallel paths #tempodelledonne at the Triennale and #cittàdelledonne in other city areas will be marked with the iridescent flower, symbol of the project. As a whole, over 100 appointments are scheduled.

Why today is “the time of women”? Because - as we read in the Manifesto - “It's now that something is changing and this change can be accelerated, spread by those who have a chance to help the reflection between people and then to support actions to build a better life: more authentic, updated to women capabilities and their inclinations”.

Today there is a growing sensitivity to gender inequality and more focus on empowering women in the workplace and in society, also thanks to Organizations such as Valore D and companies such as Luxottica, which for culture and tradition, has always been committed on this issue, as well as in the welfare and social responsibility. The Time of Women keeps the debate always open: to promote actions and ideas for the change.

Admission is free, the schedule and the program for the events can be found here.

Published on Sep 17 2014