Valore D: brave women make a difference

Valore D: brave women make a difference

“Il coraggio per crescere. L’Italia che ce le fa” (The courage to grow. Italy that succeeds) is the title of the 3rd national meeting of Valore D, the first Association of large companies (including Luxottica) formed in Italy to promote women's leadership and talent for the growth of businesses and the country. The program of the event - held on November 19th, at the LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome - consisted of speeches, open discussions, workshops on welfare, skill building, mentorship with the participation of managers, entrepreneurs, leading figures from Institutions and Universities.

Valore D: brave women make a difference

“Italy that succeeds” needs the talent of women. As shown by Valore D, which has focused its 3rd national meeting on the experiences of innovators, people who have a vision and can seize or create opportunities. Main keywords: creativity, innovation, flexibility, foresight, internationalization. Fuel needed: the courage. To change perspective, give up old patterns and recognize the merit and diversity (even gender) as richness. 

All features that are already in the "toolbox" of women and are crucial to the growth of companies and the country. This follows from the story of  people "who have succeeded" and took the stage of the event: managers, entrepreneurs, leading figures from Institutions and Universities.

Mainly women "who make things happen”. Women with a key role, who had the courage to look beyond, explore new paths, face the change with determination, think about the obstacles as opportunities, compete successfully on an international basis. Finally, women who prove that the talent of women is a resource and, wherever it is properly recognized, it can lead to great results and benefits. And make a difference, in any field.

During the meeting, even some men managers took the stage to talk about merit and motivation, networking and digital technologies that transform the market and the organization of work, allowing greater flexibility.

"The courage to grow" is, actually, part of the DNA of Valore D. In its five years of life, the association has gathered the support of 115 companies for about 1 million women employees and it has meant that so many ideas were followed by facts. Some are topics of the workshops: corporate welfare practices, skill building, mentoring and exchange of experiences between women leaders of today and tomorrow.

To relive the event directly from the voices of the participants search for #forumvalored on twitter.

Published on Nov 24 2014