Luxottica is one of the 12 founders of Valore D, the first association formed of large enterprises, established in Italy in 2009, to promote diversity, female talent and leadership. 


Luxottica's efforts in these areas have always been an integral part of company culture and history. Valore D promotes innovative organisations that overcome implicit prejudices connected to gender and facilitate conciliation, offering women managers tools and knowledge useful for professional growth. It also proposes a new cultural model that provides for the full participation of women in the economic and social life of the country.

The association operates according to four lines of action. It incentivises the adoption of company welfare tools for creating innovative, flexible workplaces which are attentive to people's needs. It sustains diversity inclusion policies in human resource management to promote individual skills and talent. It supports inclusive leadership and governance models to facilitate participation, collaboration and dialogue within companies. Lastly, it facilitates social innovation and sustainability to orient young women in the studies and overcome gender stereotypes both in the family and at work.

Today, Valore D unites 150 companies. Its work is directed at women managers, Italian companies and society as a whole. For more than eight years, Luxottica has supported actions and programs, participating actively in initiatives which focus on five areas of work considered the most important for the development of female talent, according to the experience of partners and sector studies.

Mentorship. A mentor is an expert that helps a younger woman to face her career and the challenges which await her, lending an ear and offering advice and support. Valore D incentivises mentoring within the individual partner companies, facilitating the sharing of best practices. It also promotes an intercompany mentoring program to support women managers in developing their careers.

Skill Building. Complexity, uncertainty and fast transformation are features of the contemporary world which require increasingly structured and sophisticated leadership skills to drive innovation and change. Valore D organises training initiatives to strengthen these skills in women managers and to facilitate the development of a new company culture.

Work-Life Balance. Recent studies show that the use of flexibility tools creates the conditions for the development of diversity and the advancement of female talent. These tools are more effective if distributed equally among men and women. Valore D supports an innovative labour model which meets the needs of all employees without gender distinction as well as sharing information and experiences, and the creation of networks for service development on a wider scale.

Role Model. Having inspiring models of reference is very important for the development of leadership and identifying one's own management style. Valore D's initiatives give visibility to female leadership models from different contexts, supporting women in identifying objectives and tools for successful competition in organisations.

Social Innovation. Women's progress in the economic world is sustainable only if accompanied by a parallel evolution of the female role in society, overcoming stereotypes and prejudices which are still too commonplace. Valore D encourages dialogue and reflection on this matter through meetings, initiatives for sharing experiences and research into developing a leadership model which integrates males and females, promoting their respective distinctive features.

Valore D's mission is fully coherent with Luxottica's sustainability strategy, in particular regarding the promotion of cultural, gender and thought diversity and backing the talent of women and each individual employee.

Published on Apr 11 2017