Versace celebrates its DNA and looks to the future

Versace celebrates its DNA and looks to the future

Bold, instantly recognizable, unique. Versace has stayed true to its roots: a path that has constantly kept the brand at the center of attention, without ever denying itself and its origins.


The Versace team is a close-knit one, easily recognizable in the brand’s iconic symbols such as the mythical Medusa or the Greca, as well as in the creative energy that bursts forth from the Versace archive and delivers the unmistakable signature style in a special project – or rather, two.

While the Versace Tribute Special Project looks back to the brand’s roots, the Fall Winter 2018 collection, The Clans of Versace, looks forward to the future: fifty-four models (male and female) gather together for the “longest” fashion photo ever taken for an advertising campaign. A “family photo” indeed, celebrating the brand’s diversity and originality, and its new artistic path.

2018 was the year of Versace, a special year where the brand’s strong roots found new ground and an even larger following, without ever sacrificing its identity.

Versace Tribute Special Project

The most iconic looks from the glorious early Nineties have been selected by Artistic Director Donatella Versace herself from the brand’s rich heritage. The Versace Eyewear Special Project brings back Gianni Versace’s legendary styles to both the day-one followers and to a new generation of brand devotees, with models and themes that revive symbols from the archive.

This can best be seen in the Tribute model, which played a starring role on the Spring/Summer 2018 runway and is emblematic of the fashion house: acetate cat eye sunglasses whose defining feature is the unmissable Tribute Gold tone Medusa medallion on the temples, specially designed for this collection. A series of archive prints – the brand’s leitmotifs – personalize the look: Vogue, Barocco, Trésor de la Mer and Butterfly. The sunglasses are further elevated by a varied color palette which ranges from classic tones to transparent shades: black frames with grey lenses, transparent sky-blue frames with sky-blue lenses and transparent pink frames with pink lenses – all designed to show off the iconic prints at their very best.

The Clans of Versace Special Project

The lively and inclusive essence of “The Clans of Versace” project is best summed up by Artistic Director Donatella Versace: “They’re not just part of my team, they are the people I work with. The Versace clan embraces all members of my extended family: from the clients to the models, the fans, photographers, designers, friends, artists and all the people who believe that if you want people to listen, you need to raise your head and make yourself heard. It includes all those who believe fashion is a way of saying ‘Look at me, I have something to say’“.

This mix of energies and different style codes is clearly visible in the fashion house’s eyewear collection: in the Visor sunglass model for men that combines street style with the new 3D Medusa, complete with an opaque finish, and in the Medusa Ares Stud acetate sunglasses with a cascade of 143 golden studs around the front frame and temples.

Music is another vital element of the Versace project, and so the notorious Biggie model is back with an ultra-modern twist which still features the iconic 3D Medusa detail on the temples to mark where Versace and hip-hop meet.

Another rock ‘n‘roll model is Medusa Ares, a narrow, square cat eye frame inspired by the Nineties and available in a selection of colors including blue, black, red and white.

Published on Dec 18 2018