To see the
beauty of life

Visual well-being

Luxottica promotes the well-being and health of the eyes through the excellence of its products and its world-class customer service in stores and online. High quality glasses and lenses, the result of continuous design, material and technology innovations, are complemented by the cutting-edge ophthalmic treatments and eye exams inside its optical retail network.


Each pair of eyewear is the result of an ongoing research & development process where stylistic innovation is solidly linked to the need for functionality and comfort. Ensuring that people see clearly and can express their identity is a commitment Luxottica has been renewing daily for 60 years with the same passion and devotion.

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A culture of quality: at the service of customers, employees and the community 

Luxottica’s outstanding culture of quality can be seen in the manufacturing of every pair of glasses and in the way the Company looks after its customers, its employees and the community.

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Sustainable Product Development

The ability to reinvent itself and innovate are part of Luxottica’s story. A main asset of this constant quest to excellence is the gradual integration of sustainable product development criteria to contribute positively to the good of the Planet, to address social and environmental challenges.

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Protecting intellectual property and the struggle against counterfeiting 

Intellectual property is one of Luxottica’s most important assets, and ensures the excellence, uniqueness, and incomparability of its products. It is based on the registration and maintenance of the Group’s trademarks and patents across the world.

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