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Protecting intellectual property and the struggle against counterfeiting 


Intellectual property is one of Luxottica’s most important assets, and ensures the excellence, uniqueness, and incomparability of its products. It is based on the registration and maintenance of the Group’s trademarks and patents across the world.

Over the years, Luxottica has developed an intellectual property protection system that involves the entire Group in synergic actions in various areas in order to safeguard and enhance the work of suppliers and protect the rights of third parties at the same time. The Company is, in fact, careful to avoid infringing on the know-how or intellectual property of other players in the market.

To ensure that consumers are not exposed to counterfeit products, Luxottica collaborates with local institutions and authorities around the world to intercept counterfeit products and combat the entire illegal production chain as best permitted by law. For greater effectiveness in the battle against counterfeiting and the expansion of parallel markets that divert goods into unauthorized sales channels, Luxottica has developed GLOW (Guaranteed Luxottica Origin Worldwide). GLOW is a traceability system based on RFID technology that can verify the authenticity of products as well as the suitability of resellers.

For more information on counterfeiting and the possibility for consumers to report false websites or products, visit the “BRAND PROTECTION” section.