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Inspired by the latest trends, contemporary metal, new 3D coloured effects and sophisticated embellishments profile the  multi-faceted design  of a fresh,  feminine  style selection to express the  contemporary spirit of fashion-inspired glamour.

From super  fine metal  frames with avant-garde triple bridges and high contrast metallic mirror shades in the Light and Shine collection, to the modern-classic shapes and flawlessly functional, luxury detailing of superlative Bond styles and trendy  reinterpretations of the bestselling Rainbow temple,  the entire  collection  revolves around the light, colourful spirit of up-to-date style designed  for cosmopolitan women around the globe. 

Casual Chic – Rainbow  Evolution

Reviving the best-seller Rainbow story from 2015, this season the carefree aesthetic of Vogue Eyewear Casual Chic transforms trendy optical shapes and glamorous sun styles with dense seasonal colours, reinterpreting the distinctive  chromatic accents of the original Rainbow temple through  sinuously  curved, inset  lines and layered  luminous tones  for a fresh, yet sophisticated finish. 

VO 5106S

Bold volumes, sculptural lines and fine colour accents redefine the distinctive profile of this on-trend round sun shape for modern women wanting a casual yet chic style. Featuring the new 3D full temple evolution of the Rainbow décor with sinuous inset lines, this contemporary nylon fiber shape  features 5 deep seasonal colours, including petroleum green, violet, blue, dark havana and black with coordinated sun lenses in matching  gradient shades for absolute style and vision quality.

VO 5103

Elegant forms and luminous layers animate the effortless style of this casual chic optical  design  with a lyrical touch  of colour  and essential flexibility. Alternating deep seasonal colours of red, blue, petroleum, dark havana and black with fresh transparent tints and modern chromatic accents for a casual look of fashionable modernity. This lightweight nylon fiber pillow shape  comes  in 2 sizes with sophisticated flex hinges to ensure flattering personalized style and essential all day comfort.

VO 5104  – ADV

A fresh reinterpretation of the iconic Rainbow temple transforms this trendy optical  shape  in light nylon fiber with playful, layered  transparencies and sinuous, inset curves  to evoke the radiant energy of light-infused rainbow tones.  Seasonal colours,  including versatile black and dark havana,  and up to date  tones  of violet, red and blue, are layered  with luminous transparent tints  and bright accents to create intriguing tonal compositions suited  to a variety of tastes and complexions.  Available in two sizes with resilient flex hinges ensure optimal comfort for fashion-forward casual chic women. ADV style FW16. 

In Vogue – Light and Shine

In a sleek evolution of the best-selling Light and Shine collection, super  fine, minimal metal  profiles and the refined contrasts of contemporary design translate this season’s hottest fashion into irresistible eyewear for high profile urban trend-setters. Intriguing new shapes with on-trend double- and avant-garde triple bridges, soft powder-coated pastel tones  and matte metal  complements with contrasting mirror lenses define a brand new full metal  design concept for women with a cutting-edge sense of style.

VO 4022S

Light, clean-cut angles,  highbrow contemporary design and sophisticated juxtapositions of matte metal & powder-coated tones define the trend-inspired spirit  of this  In Vogue double-bridged sun  shape  for trendy  style with a touch of edgy sophistication. Available in a selection of soft pastel colours enhanced by modern  mirror  lenses and  versatile classics with  classic gradient shades, this  lightweight, resilient metal  style guarantees optimal  vision quality for stylish urban  women  who are always  on the go. Available in different colours: matte black, matte brown, matte coral, matte azure, matte cream.

VO 4023S – ADV

Minimal lines, trendy materials and up-to-date details define the contemporary look of this full metal sun style. Sophisticated, yet cutting-edge, trendy, yet original, this fine frame  features complementary pastel and metal  colourson matte finish frontals and temples, which are enhanced by new gold and silver mirror lenses or refined  gradient shades to reflect a fashion-inspired aesthetic of sleek  urban  style that  is as light and resilient as the  high-energy  spirit of modern  women.  ADV style featured in the  FW16 campaign.  Available in different colours: matte black, matte brown, matte pink, matte blue, matte cream.

 VO 4025

Ultra-fine  metal  profiles  with  soft  powder  colours  give this  feminine retro-inspired shape  a contemporary edge, profiling a distinctive  new perspective on the full metal trend. Refined forms, complementary contrasts and intriguing new colours combinations like matte coral and pink gold, matte pink and gold, black and silver, brown and pale gold characterize sophisticated style for up-to-date women who love to add a contemporary twist of style to their look without  compromising on essential personalized comfort and made-to-last resilience:  In Vogue Minimal Metal.

Timeless – Bond

True to its legendary name,  the Bond Collection  features as the unmistakable protagonist of the Timeless segment with a superb  selection of elegant shapes. Reinterpreting the flawlessly functional, yet daring soul of discreet contemporary women  who love to experiment with  style, distinctive  pinstriped colour  layers created using state of the  art IML technology and functional luxury metal  details set  with Crystals from Swarovski© revive classic designs  with a touch of suspense-filled contemporary glamour . 

VO 5093SB

Striking elegance and luminous  glamor  with a flawlessly functional soul define the modern-classic aesthetic of this high volume square sun shape. Featuring 24 precious  Crystals from Swarovski© hand-set into the metal Bow-tie hinge décor, this light nylon fiber frame features a palette of versatile classics, rich opal tones  and mono colour  frontals with distinctive  pinstripe  motif on the  back, which are complemented by gradient lenses for daring women  with a taste for alluring  style and no time to waste. Available in: black, dark Havana, dark violet, blue and grey. 

VO 5095B

Superbly  crafted, perfectly engineered details offset  the feminine elegance of this polished butterfly optical shape  with fine Crystals from Swarovski© and concealed layers  to give the world of timeless elegance a shimmer o daring suspense and just a touch  of unexpected glamor. Intriguing seductive tones  of Black, Dark havana, Dark violet, Blue and Fuchsia feature playful colour pinstripe  inners to the nylon fiber front parts, while the sleek bow-tie hinge décor, functional to the acetate temple, makes hand-finished luxury elements an integral part of their flawless structural design. Available in two sizes, the light modern  nylon fiber frame  ensures that  this intriguing style is as light, comfortable and practical as it is beautiful.


Welcome  to the Vogue Eyewear  journey through  style – from trendy,  catwalk-inspired colours  of the bright world of fashion to the fine proportions of classical elegance with a hidden twist of daring glamor  and cutting-edge designs  with uber-stylish structural elements, the Fall/Winter  2016 collection  transforms the multifaceted intrigue of contemporary trends into a global symbol of essential style.

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Published on Aug 31 2016