Vogue Eyewear Fall/Winter 2021

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 1:45pm

Framing the outlook of anyone from real-life dream chasers to fashion-forward trend hunters, Vogue Eyewear is dedicated to making style more than just a look. It’s how you feel wearing what you love, while you’re doing what makes you happy, and this year it’s become a family affair. Designed for anyone from playful tots and kids to men and women with an eye for style, the new collection is all about making how you see life fun.

Always on top of what’s trending around the world, scenic trips in nature or cosmopolitan city life, Vogue Eyewear is set on finding lots of reasons to get out and see, smile and laugh more.

The new collection is anything but basic. Packed with glowing see-through colors or trendy new gradient pastels, chic geometric or Art Decò-inspired metal shapes and eye-catching new double-rim constructions or chunky retro acetate shapes and ultra-light glass and metal designs for men, the selection has any style profile covered in this season’s hottest shades.

Plus, there are super fashionable chain accessories and graphic logo executions, fine laser finishes and signature metal V-rivets, and even small trendsetters get to change-up their look with bright color combos and soft rubber accessories for safe, made-to-play style that keeps growing eyes happy.

So, here’s to eyewear that sees us all living and laughing a whole lot more, because any day is a good day to look great and have fun while you’re at it – Vogue Eyewear style.


Fusing the trend-driven attitude of contemporary style with the timeless elegance of evergreen design, avantgarde technology molds geometric facets and natural tones into this powerful style. Head-turning, yet perfectly balanced, irregular lens and frame contours and ultra-wide temples with a distinctive soft bevel curve and sized up hot print logo define this high-volume trendmaker, quality acetate in glowing textures and transparent colors or glamorous total black add to its nuanced allure.


Slightly oversize, and oh so trendy, this decò inspired round metal frame raises the fashion status of an iconic retrò shape with fresh attitude. And when it comes to the world of fashion accessories, it has all the right credentials. From classic gold or silver frames with an uberfashionable gold chain to modern rose gold or total black color options that definitely make the latest cut, not to mention an eye-catching new cast metal letter logo temple with fine laser detailing, this look has it all.


Giving your everyday look unique personality, crafted design elements and clean contours mark the polished profile of this Decò-inspired optical style. Showcasing an on-trend round metal shape, classic gold or silver frames come with a super fashionable golden chain, while modern rose gold or total black add a more contemporary take on iconic style. And when it comes to giving style a name, a graphic new cast metal letter logo temple adds stand-out brand identity.


Life is too short to take style too seriously – it’s time to lighten up and have some fun! All about color and light, this contemporary design deconstructs the metal framework of everyday urban style, contouring glowing see-through nylon profiles and feminine shading lenses with fine metal rims and loads of allure. So whether you choose to go chic in transparent pink &rose gold with tri-gradient lenses or urban in transparent cherry & black or the classics, this look is always totally in line with the latest fashion trends.


Whether it’s eyeing up the competition or giving downtown creatives a run for their money, this fashion-forward optical style will always stand out from the crowd. Light, flattering and totally on-trend, an innovative new fade-out color effect enhances the modern fly-away metal shape and linear temples with color-matched plastic tips for a perfectly coordinated look. Take your pick from new vertical gradient violet, pink or red color on polished metal rims, or go with more classic tones for passepartout style.


Framing the urban angles of the latest trends, this light, octagonal shape defines the look of a new geometric generation. Playing up the stylish double-rim construction, fine metal rims contour glowing nylon fiber profiles in this season’s favourite soft transparent pastels, classic havana or black with feminine shading lenses, sleek metal temples flaunt a smooth hot-print vogue logo and color-matched tips to make its fashion-forward profile impeccable.


Adding contemporary color to optical style, new fade-out tones give this a trendy geometric shape, must-have fashion appeal. Enhancing the pale gold or silver rims and temples of the light metal frame, feminine vertical gradient tones of red, pink or violet just made smart everyday design more stylish that ever. Linear temples with color-coordinated gradient effects and tips complete the style for a totally fashion-focused look.


From corduroy to denim, blazers to bombers, this bold profile shape gives a new generation of Vogue Eyewear for men a powerful identity. Lightening up the strong squared shape with trend-aligned beveled angles and new gradient acetates – including chic fade-down striated & transparent natural tones with matching dark lenses –, the distinctive yet easy to wear frame celebrates the natural style of design that never gets old, signature metal V rivets & laser detailing on temple tips highlight its charismatic appeal.


Highlighting the earthy inspiration of some of this season’s hottest styles for men, this confident acetate square features elegant beveled profiles and a bold-bridge design for a look with strong, modern-classic personality. Lightening up the bold profile shape, a sophisticated palette offers on-point light gradient tones with solid or transparent temples for a headturning profile or iconic tortoiseshell and havana textures for a more classic aesthetic, signature metal V-point rivets and a fine lasered V-pattern on retro-shaped temple tips add a charismatic finish.


Reinventing classic design in a modern key, soft-angle geometries and crafted 360° metalwork shape the streamlined look of this stylish men’s sun frame. Playing up heritage-inspired metal tones with crafted laser V-pattern rim finishes and contemporary angles, the distinctive flat upper bar and double bridge design comes in a selection of always cool metal tones, with total black, new copper antique or silver frames and dark or polar lenses, for passepartout style that never fails to make its mark.


Easy-to-wear and always smart, trend-aligned soft angles and fine finishes enhance the essential metal palette of this metal irregular shape, lasered V-pattern rims give it essential Vogue Eyewear identity. Available in classic gold or chic gunmetal, high-definition black and trendy copper tones, this clean optical style gives passepartout design must-have metropolitan appeal.

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Vogue Eyewear
Published on Sep 14 2021