Welcome to the ARNETTE family!

Welcome to the ARNETTE family!

Four different personalities for four different glasses, all united for the holiday season.

Welcome to the ARNETTE family!

ARNETTE’s Holiday campaign is inclusive and fun, capturing different ways to experience this magical time of year through pops and colorful shades.

For fashionistas, the ideal model is GULLWING, which lends a bold style to the eco-friendly bio-acetate frame by combining a modern style and hippie tones. The glasses are available in total black, transparent and exclusive striped frames.

TYPE Z has a more assertive profile, large temples and boxy lenses, perfect for the roommate who is always online gaming. A sustainable, trendy pop-style frame which, thanks to the ZAYN X ARNETTE logo inside the extra-large temples, immediately defines the wearer’s status symbol.

The UKA-UKA glasses are action-packed and flip fashionable colors and mirrored shades creating a fun, dynamic look that can turn anyone into a TikTok star. The ideal model for a skater friend and music lover with a ’90s-inspired look.

Finally, GOTHBOY softens its darker look with round shapes, transparencies and soft shades. You can choose from matte black or dark havana bio-acetate frames for a timeless, trendy look, transparent gray or a bold red and black combination. The frame is designed for “green thinkers” who are always conscious of their environmental impact down to the smallest detail.

Published on Dec 20 2021