Women Rule Summit 2014. Upping the game

Women Rule Summit 2014. Upping the game

Women leaders in government, business and media gathered for the second year in a row at the “Women Rule Summit” in Washington DC for conversations about success, leadership and the challenges ahead. With a goal: “Upping the Game”. Luxottica, committed to growing female leadership in its ranks (35% of key roles are currently held by female leaders), was represented with a panel appearance by Holly Rush, President Wholesale North America.

Women Rule Summite 2014. Upping the game

Women Rule Summit, held on Tuesday, December 9th, offered inspiring, extraordinary women in business and government a platform to share thoughts and ideas on breaking the glass ceiling, raising the next generation of female leaders and driving real change in politics, business and society.  Notable speakers included House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Joe Biden with his daughter Ashley. 

Holly Rush participated in the panel titled “What can women in politics learn from private sector & vice versa” alongside Ellen Levine, Editorial Director, Hearst Magazines and the first female Editor of the iconic magazine Good Housekeeping; Senator Amy Klobuchar and Kat Cole, President of Cinnabon. The key question: many women have proven to be uniquely successful in creating meaningful change across public and private sectors. What are the attributes that make them uniquely successful and what can be done to encourage more women leaders? “Be comfortable asking questions” suggests Ellen Levine while Holly highlights the importance of the team “Surround yourself with great people, but stop waiting for people to sign up for the role of personal advocate. Go out and build your own network”.

Holly added a take-home message: “Be passionate: it’s easy to get people follow you”. 


Published on Dec 12 2014