This year, World Sight Day is celebrated on October 10th and the chosen theme is “Universal Eye Health”. “Vision first!” is the motto that launches the active mobilization campaign.


The purpose of the initiative, promoted by the World Health Organization on the second Thursday of October every year, is to raise awareness about the importance of eye health, a fundamental factor in quality of life and social progress, which can be ensured with regular checks and targeted eye care.

The values of World Sight Day are aligned with Luxottica's vision of sustainability, which stems from a notion of universal beauty, visible to everyone, and assumes a tangible form in the search for a balance between well-being, respect for the environment, ethics and the transparency of relations.

For the third year, Luxottica together with OneSight renews its commitment with vision care initiatives.

In Milan, Italy, fifty Luxottica Group volunteers will participate by donating a day of vacation and giving logistical support to free clinics organized by the OneSight Italy Foundation, in collaboration with the Department of Social and Housing Policies of the Municipality of Milan, the University Center for Research in Optics and Optometry Milan Bicocca (COMIB), and Humanitas San Pio X. The visits will take place from October 7th to 18th in space provided by the Jannacci Welcome House and by the Progetto Arca Foundation.

After last year’s outstanding participation, the days dedicated to children and young people have increased. The young guests of the CAF Onlus and of the Martinitt and Stelline Institutes, fundamental to Luxottica’s history and founder, will be welcomed in two special days dedicated to them.

Salmoiraghi & Viganò makes its own contribution to the intiatives with its new campaign with a video in which awareness and prevention are the key points expressed with a strong and emotional impact.

Not only in Milan, OneSight and Luxottica celebrate the Day with various initiatives all over the world.

In the United States, Pearle Vision and OneSight will launch the ABSee program to provide quality eye care for school-age children. For twelve months, from Atlanta to Seattle to Puerto Rico to Toronto, volunteers and optometrists will perform eye tests and eye exams aboard a state-of-the-art mobile clinic. A OneSight clinic will also be present in Kansas City.

On October 10th, LensCrafters and OneSight will partner with the American digital platform Mind Body Green for a series of meetings and panels focused on eye health. Mind Body Green promotes a lifestyle geared toward psychophysical wellbeing and inspires people to live their lives in the best possible way, a goal in harmony with the Group’s mission.  In Cincinnati, Luxottica employees will unveil a World Sight Day themed mural at an event with local press and influencers.

In the rest of the world, activities that involve employees and inform them about OneSight activities have been organized: charity auctions, cake sales, as well as sight tests for employees to finance the organization in Singapore.  

Published on Oct 11 2019