A year of Onesight

A year of Onesight

With the support of Luxottica, over the last 12 months OneSight made eye-care accessible to over 6.7 million people through clinics and sustainable projects all over the world.


In 2018, the organization reached their 30-year milestone while continuing to carry out their mission: adopting innovative approaches and unprecedented technical solutions to bring assistance to underserved communities. This was the case of the first floating OneSight clinic last June on the Amazon river: a logistics and organizational feat for the team and their 44 volunteers.

Overall this year about 1,300 Luxottica volunteers took part in OneSight missions. On December 12th, Luxottica celebrated “OneDay” in their Group headquarters worldwide: a day to gather around the OneSight mission and Luxottica’s vision of sustainability.

The contributions and skills offered by volunteers enabled the organization to operate 164 temporary clinics globally. This further developed their sustainable eye-care assistance, giving permanent access to high-quality, affordable treatments for millions of people in need, thanks to the opening of permanent centers in schools and local communities.

From Africa to Asia to the United States, today there are over 130 active centers worldwide; 36 of which were open in 2018. One of these was the first Vision Center inaugurated in New York, within a Brooklyn school. Thanks to this facility, 5,000 students now have permanent access to eye-care assistance.

Perhaps the biggest single contribution Luxottica volunteers make during the year is around World Sight Day on October 11th. At our headquarters in Milan, over 800 people received eye exams that week and more than 600 pairs of eyeglasses were distributed free of charge during the second edition of the project organized by Luxottica and OneSight, in collaboration with the non-profit organizations: Arca, Jannacci, and CAF Onlus. In North America, Luxottica’ retail brands including LensCrafters, Pearle Vision and Sears Optical opened their doors for just one day to people unable to afford vision check-ups or a pair of eyeglasses.

The objectives of OneSight for 2019 are even more ambitious: to serve a growing number of patients with the opening of 22 new permanent centers in Africa and to organize over 100 temporary clinics all over the world, including three new countries: Jordan, Mongolia and Nepal.

Published on Dec 13 2018