Your invitation to the Castle

Your invitation to the Castle

The video for the Oliver Peoples campaign 2014 takes us on a voyage of discovery around magnificent Hearst Castle in California. Your guides for this feast for the eyes? Amanda, great-granddaughter of media mogul and art collector William Randolph Hearst, and Oliver Peoples eyewear.


Close your eyes and imagine an enchanted hill. On the top stands a castle with two towers, home to Renaissance tapestries and priceless Persian carpets, swimming pools with Roman mosaics, paintings and sculptures. Now open your eyes and watch the video for the Oliver Peoples campaign 2014. You’ll see that reality far outstrips the imagination.

The star of the video is Amanda Hearst, great-granddaughter of the estate’s founder, publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst. We see the artistic treasures, private corners and sumptuous views of Hearst Castle through her eyes. Amanda moves from room to room and across the castle’s great halls, sporting different looks and designs by Oliver Peoples (both sunglasses and prescription glasses) in her ultra-natural style. The eyewear becomes an integral part of our “private” tour around this lavish, magical place. Amanda shows us the Neptune Pool with its white marble columns and sculptures, the Celestial Suite with its exquisitely decorated molded ceilings, the gold-tiled indoor Roman Pool with its turquoise mosaic walls and floors, the paintings and sculptures tucked away in niches and corridors, and the ranch with its ocean views and galloping Arabian horses.

The Oliver Peoples collection is inspired by architectures past and present, by style icons and the arts and entertainment culture typical of California. All this is encapsulated in the designs, a blend of vintage details and contemporary flair, as worn naturally and spontaneously by Amanda Hearst herself. As Oliver Peoples’ creative director Larry Leight explains, “It’s as though Amanda were living at the castle for a day, dressed in her own style as she takes in the stunning surroundings.”

Built between 1919 and 1947 atop a hill in San Simeon, California, Hearst Castle was home to the media mogul and art collector William Randolph Hearst (Amanda’s great-grandfather) and a meeting place for the intellectuals and politicians of the day. In 1957 the Hearst Foundation donated the castle to the State of California, ensuring that many of the artworks (from Renaissance tapestries and Persian carpets to Roman mosaics) could be enjoyed by a wider public.

However, some of the more private rooms, such as the Celestial Suite, are excluded from tourist itineraries. They are seen for the first time in the video, through the eyes of Amanda Hearst as she “observes” them for a day with Oliver Peoples.

To capture the sense of intimacy on this special visit, Oliver Peoples chose Wyatt Troll, the New York-born photographer and director. Now based in Los Angeles, Wyatt is an artist with a gift for depicting the intimate and the sublime.

Amanda Hearst sits on the Junior Board of the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation, whose task is to preserve and restore the castle’s 25,000-plus artworks and historic assets under the guidance of her mother Anne Hearst McInerney. 

If the soundtrack to the video has aroused your curiosity just as the visuals have pleased your eyes, you’ll be interested to know that the music was created by director Wyatt Troll in association with the Women of Big Sur team. The sound was custom-made for Amanda’s journey, as this captivating, contemporary woman surrounds herself with the castle’s different eras and histories.

Published on Apr 30 2014