Day 2 – OneSight Clinic Houston 2013

Day 2 – OneSight Clinic Houston 2013

Our second day at clinic was another successful one with 315 students in the Houston school district seen

Day 2 – OneSight Clinic Houston 2013

It’s been an amazing experience to see these children come through the doors of the Third Ward Multi-Service Center and progress through the stations, some with more ease than others.

One student, a first grader named Marleena has never worn glasses. All of the members of her family need corrective lenses and in a recent photo for their Church, Marleena was the only one of five without frames. As soon as she found out she would be dispensed a pair of new frames, Marleena literally jumped up and down for joy! Exuding with such a sense of glee that she giggled out loud. Our core clinic member, Laurie was helping find Marleena the perfect pair of glasses—they were either going to be pink or black—and when she decided on the black frames, she couldn’t wait to get home to share with her family that she too would be wearing glasses in their next family photo!

Laurie also had the opportunity to work with 13-year-old Ashley, another first time glasses wearer. Ashley however, was not as excited about this prospect. She felt that wearing glasses would make her uncool—but not for long. Laurie took a look at Ashley’s prescription and quickly explained to her that if she didn’t get glasses, she wouldn’t be able to get her driver’s license (how uncool!). As chance would have it, Laurie’s prescription is the same as the one prescribed to Ashley and after trying on Laurie’s frames and looking around the room, Ashley asked, “Is this what I will see with my glasses?” When Laurie answered, “Yes!” Ashley found some enthusiasm for finding a pair of frames very similar to Laurie’s.

When relaying these experiences to the group at the end of the day, Laurie expressed how reinvigorated these experiences made her for continuing to help the other schools that were scheduled to come in throughout the remainder of the week!

The rest of the group definitely felt a similar invigoration and we are exited to see what the rest of the week has in store for us! Until tomorrow, Houston team signing out!

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