Gracias y hasta luego!!

Gracias y hasta luego!!

The last day on the vision center is over, and our clinic team is now heading back to Banjul, with many memories from these last two weeks

Gracias y hasta luego!!

As on the previous days, as we arrived this morning there were already at least 20 people waiting in line. As a clinic team we mainly stepped aside today, tidying up every room, and assisting our Gambian partners with some last minute advice as we said our goodbyes. We left knowing they are ready to continue this journey, and hearing how proud we are of them. But  it’s bittersweet pulling out of Farafenni. The reminder that buoys all of us is while It’s hard to let go, we know will be back soon!!

While our initial work is completed, the journey has really only begun for this pilot. But it worth taking time to thank everyone who made this mission possible. Thanks to Jason, Lukas and all of OneSight for allowing us to participate in this amazing project, to Paul and Ana for all the hard and professional work they put in to this project and making it possible. Thanks to all of the team leaders and team members for their commitment and effort during the last six months and specially for keeping it together throughout this two weeks, they have done an exceptional job!!! Thanks to our teammates from Sightsavers and OneSight, to all who helped us during this two weeks and with whom this could not had been possible, you are going to stay in our hearts for the rest of our lives due to the goodness and effort you gave to make this center possible. Thanks to the personel of the VisionCcenter and our optical leads, they were amazing students and fully committed partners of the project, and are the ones who will remain here, helping their people to see better. Thanks to Moises and his team on Eddy’s Hotel, for making our stay here as confortable as possible.

Thanks to all of the Gambians we met along the way, who gave us huge smiles and welcomed us with great hospitality.

And finally, thanks to our families and love ones, for their support, advise and love, we could not have done this without them and we miss them!!!

It has been an honor to write this blog, I hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as I did, goodbye everyone, goodbye The Gambia, see you all soon!!

Pubblicato il 07 Mag 2013