We Made It: Our Next Steps

We Made It: Our Next Steps

After many planes and hours of travel time, our diverse team of Luxotticans has finally arrived to the vivid coast of The Gambia. There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into opening a sustainable vision center.

The Gambia, Africa

How do we make this project come together?

As OneSight, clinic manager Paul emphasized, this team of 37 have been selected for their specific skills to help train the local partners and vision center staff how to continue this great work of providing sustainable vision care to those in need.

Our marketing team will implement their innovative solutions to promote the opening of the vision center. These solutions range from television talk shows, radio ads, billboards, posters, as well as car-ads.

The technology/computers to control and protect patient records will be supported by our database team for this center.

Keeping the financial records and point of sale transactions is very crucial for this sustainable model. Our team of financial experts will help train and develop the skills of the local finance team.

Product knowledge and an understanding of the mechanics of frames will be lead by our operation team. They will be busy training on things such as lens options, frame selections, frame parts/components, as well as frame adjustments.

After the opening of our central manufacturing lab in The Gambia last month, our lab team is back in country to focus on training new lab techs on proper procedures and general machine care and maintenance.

We also have a team of doctors that will help train local optical leads on providing better visual acuity testing, a heighten sensitivity on patient referral for eye care needs as well as advise and mentor on refracting practices to increase efficiencies.

All vision centers will have key staff roles, which include a Senior Ophthalmic Medical Assistant, an Optometric Technician, three Dispensing/Ophthalmic Nurses, a Community Ophthalmic Nurse, as well as a Cashier and a Receptionist.     

After all of the group planning for the days to come, we were able to travel to the Sheikh Zayed Eye Care Center in Kanifing where the vision center is located. The team was lead around the complex with leaders and key partners from the hospital.


Pubblicato il 10 Giu 2014